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April 26, 2016

CSU, Chico SAP Students Come in First Place at #innotakeoff Competition

SAP #innotakeoff Chico State team, xShop
Chico State team xShop hold up their Amazon check for $2,500 as part of their award for winning first place at SAP #innotakeoff.

Five California State University, Chico students took first place at the SAP #innotakeoff Competition in Palo Alto on March 23, 2016. Adrian Byrd, Daniela Gonzalez Diaz, Daniel Lau, Nick Armstrong, and Jacob Jones formed the student team xShop.

They presented their idea for a mobile application that will create a smart shopping experience for users by building a unique shopping list and utilizing the store’s layout for time management. Shoppers will use the application by logging in to their online account and building a shopping list, which would then send an alert to their smartphones once they were near a product on their shopping list in the store.

CSU, Chico students went up against four other universities including San Francisco State University with team SmartCan, a smart trash can that uses sensors to identify the trash as recyclable, landfill, or liquid waste and can separate the trash out accordingly. Team Faint Alert from Hasso Plattner Institute presented their idea to help people with epilepsy by utilizing a wrist sensor to alert family members when an epileptic episode occurs, and Notre Dame University’s team MintPlug offered a globally aware intelligence platform that would provide stacked services such as rich data analysis, global environment data, and data gathered from Lab of Things (LoT) devices, and more. Notre Dame University’s other team, Emotiv, presented a management and wellness tracker intended for medical personnel to improve workplace wellness to help reduce the risk of error in patient care.

The #innotakeoff event lasted three full days and the students worked through the night in order to prepare their prototype. Coaches were assigned to each team to prepare them for their final presentations. Team xShop was coached by Jin Wong, who helped the team prepare their prototype in relation to loT and HPC topic, as well as assist in preparing a six-minute elevator pitch.

The judges of the final presentation included Carsten Linz, global head of the CIO Center for Digital Leadership; Chris Mark, executive director of User Experience and Design; Anamarie Franc, global head of UX Strategy and GTM (User, Experience, and Design); Denis Browne, senior vice president of Imagineering; and Jonathan Becher, chief digital officer at SAP. xShop took home the prize of a $2,500 Amazon voucher.


Kelsey Taylor
College of Business

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