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July 5, 2017

Seufferlein Sales Program launches new advanced selling class: "Special Topics in Personal Selling Techniques.”

Students from left to right: Ben Panconi, Krisma Root, Briana Adams, Max Dickstein, Alex Swindell, Austin Burback, John-Charles Roeckl-Navazio, Noah Duncan, Avery Wolfe, Dominic Lucia, Olivia Gulsvig, Nathan Wiley.

Students from left to right: Ben Panconi, Krisma Root, Briana Adams, Max Dickstein, Alex Swindell, Austin Burback, John-Charles Roeckl-Navazio, Noah Duncan, Avery Wolfe, Dominic Lucia, Olivia Gulsvig, Nathan Wiley.

The 2017 spring semester marked an exciting term for California State University, Chico's Seufferlein Sales students, due to a new class called “MKTG 498: Special Topics for Personal Selling Techniques." The class was open for enrollment to a select group of sales students chosen from the sales leadership panel. Student entrance for this class was based on a panel review surrounding students’ proven sales performance, capabilities, potential, and qualifications to compete in advanced selling competitions.

Class Structure

Marketing professor Brittany Fortune taught the class and structured its development to include advanced selling lectures, in-class sales role-play drills for hands-on application and development, corporate partner involvement providing executive insights, and advanced presentation training.

Sales Competitions

During the beginning of the fall 2016 semester, students were slated to compete in one of various upcoming sales competitions: The National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC), the Western States Collegiate Sales Competition (WSCSC), or the Spring 12 Sales Competition.

Our students performed extremely well as a result of the vigorous sales training they received throughout their upper division sales and marketing courses. Their involvement in MKTG 498 added an opportunity for students to hone in on specific strategies, try to refine them firsthand through trial and error, and strategically plan impactful sales presentations.

Competition Performance

NCSC: CSU, Chico was invited to the NCSC for the first time in March 2017. The entire class attended tryouts to earn a spot on the Nationals Sales Team. The students selected to participate were Krisma Root, Ben Panconi, Max Dickstein, and Briana Adams. Although the CSU, Chico team placed within the top 50 universities (out of 74 universities), we are excited to announce some tremendous performances. Briana Adams placed as a quarter finalist and won third place for the Gartner role-play competition. Max Dickstein placed second in his room, which added great contributions to CSU, Chico’s overall team score. Participation in this competition presented a great opportunity to continue to develop and refine MKTG 498.

WSCSC: The students that represented CSU, Chico in this competition were students from MKTG 498: Olivia Gulsvig, Noah Duncan, Austin Burback, and Avery Wolfe. Our students delivered outstanding performance results:

  • 1st Place, Overall: Avery Wolfe
  • 2nd Place, Overall: Austin Burback
  • 3rd Place, IBM Role Play: Olivia Gulsvig

Noah Duncan ranked 16 out of 55 student competitors.

Spring 12 Sales Competition: Four additional MKTG 498 students were selected to compete in the Spring 12 Sales Competition: John-Charles Roeckl-Navazio, Dominic Lucia, Nathan Wiley, and Alex Swindell.

  • 2nd Place: John-Charles Roeckl-Navazio
  • 3rd Place: Dominic Lucia


More than 50 percent of today's college students start in sales. With our new state-of-the-art facility in Glenn Hall (room 206) and a group of dedicated faculty and staff, the Seufferlein Sales Program wants to make you successful. Join our award-winning program which is becoming one of the country's best.

Brittany Fortune
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