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November 5, 2018

CSU, Chico Students Place Third at AT&T National Sales Competition

The SSP national sales team posing for a photo.

The California State University, Chico Seufferlein Sales Program (SSP) sent six students to AT&T’s National Sales Competition last weekend in Dallas, Texas. The competition was broken into two sub-segments: the regional competition and the national competition. This was an exclusive opportunity, as only 30 schools nationwide were hand-selected to compete in regionals. Out of the 30 competing schools, CSU, Chico was one out of 12 universities that were selected to advance to the national competition.

The National Sales Team consisted of students Hayley Weik, Ryan Brumfield, Eric Voss, Max Friz, Brenna Myers, and Elizabeth Korytko, and team coach Brittany Fortune. AT&T gave the team a business case and challenged members to craft a strategy, identify unique team roles, assemble a presentation, and deliver a persuasive partnership meeting in a role-play environment. The buyers in this AT&T business role play were senior leaders in the organization. The students were given 30 minutes with the customer group and were immediately given feedback within the high rise of AT&T headquarters.

"This competition was an unforgettable opportunity to sharpen my consultative selling skills in a professional, engaging, and inviting environment,” said student Hayley Weik. “The AT&T team were phenomenal hosts, and I hope to see them in Dallas again for this event next year!"

 The team was given an accurate glimpse into the work-hard play-hard culture that exists within the sales profession. They worked hard to get recognized as a potential contending school, then delivered excellence to prove that they were noteworthy enough to earn an all-expense paid trip to AT&T headquarters in Dallas.

“I was blown away by the various networking opportunities,” said Friz, a seasoned sales competitor and business administration major. “I feel honored to have been given this once in a lifetime experience. I am thrilled to see how our team dynamic contributed to our placement on the podium.”  

The SSP National Sales Team posing with a check.
The SSP National Sales Team.

The AT&T leadership team assisted in expanding the team’s knowledge on industry offerings and trends surrounding the expected connectivity growth in the coming years. This opportunity provided various workshop-style presentations that taught the team about the exponential advancement the technology industry is currently undertaking. The students were given a broad knowledge base of the various career opportunities available both within technology and within AT&T’s Business to Business Sales program. The students toured AT&T headquarters and AT&T Stadium, and were given various networking opportunities.

“These six students are fierce competitors,” said Fortune, a faculty member in the College of Business. “We are honored to have had this exclusive invitation extended to our talented students and are proud of their preparedness, contributions, and outcome. The Seufferlein Sales Program takes great pride in the important role of instilling the training and confidence that our students need to feel ready for any high-pressure situation. These six students come from diverse backgrounds. They collectively built on each other’s strengths and assembled a powerhouse team that will forever be remembered.”

The SSP leadership team is preparing 140 additional sales students enrolled in MKTG 473 for the mid-term Gallo Sales Competition. Based on final scores, the top 16 will be selected to compete in the Sweet 16 Sales Challenge competition, taking place on November 29 and December 30, 2018.

All team members agree that without the opportunities provided by SSP and the support of faculty and other organizations on campus, the sales team would not have been able to represent CSU, Chico in such a monumental way. 

Brittany Fortune
Seufferlein Sales Program