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Esteemed Accounting Professor Dr. Wallace Leese Still Teaching Accounting at Chico State

Dr. Wallace Leese

In 2017, Dr. Wallace Leese entered into a faculty retirement program whereby a faculty can officially retire but also continue to teach part time. The College of Business’ Department of Accounting has been fortunate to be able to hold on to Leese for just a little while longer.  

For 40 years, Leese has been instrumental in growing Chico State accounting students into highly skilled professionals. He is best known for his unwavering commitment to quality and for holding high learning expectations in the accounting classroom. Many of his former students cite Leese for the skills that contributed to their success in the profession.

Common themes of appreciation from former students emerge through thank-you emails and letters: “Dr. Leese taught me how to learn,”  “Dr. Leese instilled a desire for lifelong learning that led to my growth and success,”  “Dr. Leese prepared me for the rigors of the profession,” “Dr. Leese taught me to perform high-quality work.” 

“If there was a faculty award for deferred student gratitude, Dr. Leese would hands-down be the winner,” said Tim Kizirian, chair of the Department of Accounting. “The same students who believed his courses to be too rigorous during their time in school often return years later to thank him for teaching them the skills that led to their success in the profession. The Dr. Leese thank-you emails will roll in every year after significant alumni employment promotions.” 

The appreciation for Leese isn’t limited to students—the accounting professor has mentored numerous faculty during his time at CSU, Chico.

“Dr. Leese’s focus on high quality learning as the driver of success in the accounting profession is contagious; I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor,” said Kizirian. “He has provided enormous value to the Chico accounting students over 40 years. It is no surprise that Dr. Leese was awarded the 2016-17 Outstanding Professor Award, which is a prestigious and competitive University-level award.”

If you are grateful for Dr. Leese’s commitment to student success through quality learning and for the value that he provided during your time at Chico State, please feel free to thank him personally by emailing him at wleese@csuchico.edu. You can honor his dedication to 40 years of producing high-quality Chico State accountants by financially supporting our new Accounting Student’s Endowment for Strategic Initiatives.

Tim Kizirian
Chair, Department of Accounting