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CSU, Chico Alumni and Entrepreneurs Build Connections with Coffee

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California State University, Chico alumni and entrepreneurs Kris Rudeegraap (BS, Business Administration, ’08) and Braydan Young (BS, Business Administration, ’09) have created a new and easy way for companies to connect with their clients and employees using a simple, personal touch. Thanks to the San Francisco-based startup business CoffeeSender, companies can now easily send a cup of coffee to clients, partners, and employees.

“Kris and I met in college at Chico State in the business department,” said Young. “We have worked our way through the startup world in San Francisco, and finally decided to go out on our own and build our own company.”

Recently partnering with coffee powerhouse Starbucks Coffee Company, CoffeeSender allows businesses to easily send a $5 gift card for a cup of coffee and a custom message through various platforms such as SurveyMonkey, Salesforce, and Gmail, and even bulk sending through CSV. Companies can utilize this service for myriad reasons—whether it be an incentive to increase client referrals, sending a quick “thank you” note, or just to show appreciation to hard-working employees. CoffeeSender builds connections, Young said.

Top companies such as Century 21, Deloitte, Dropbox, Geico, and others are currently utilizing CoffeeSender to build better customer relationships and boost employee morale, Young said. Nearly 400 customers are currently utilizing the system, and the client base is growing rapidly.

“I loved my time at Chico State—it gave me the skills to get me where I am today,” said Young. “Probably one of the best things about being an alum of the College of Business is when you get to work with another Chico State grad, you know they are smart and driven but they will also be down-to-earth and hardworking—you can’t beat that!”

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