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New Interdisciplinary Program Brings Entrepreneurship to Humanities and Fine Arts Students


The California State University, Chico Center for Entrepreneurship has partnered with the College of Humanities and Fine Arts to bring funding to art majors and minors in spring 2020. The program will offer specialized courses, access to business mentors, experiential internships in entrepreneurship based at ChicoStart as well as fantastic funding opportunities.

Funding of up to $1,500 will be provided to help students launch an original art business or venture focusing in the area of humanities or fine arts for the top five candidates. Some project ideas that are up for consideration include a screen-printing business, a digital photography studio, literary e-zine and an experimental performance space, to name a few.

“Entrepreneurship is by its nature, interdisciplinary, and we are thrilled to be included with the arts and humanities discipline on this program,” said Michael Rehg, interim director for the Center for Entrepreneurship. “Starting and running a business takes a team from multiple areas, and we hope to continue to be involved in this kind of collaboration across campus.”

While this is hardly the first time an art student has utilized the Center for Entrepreneurship as a tool to turn their talents into a successful enterprise, the connections the center can give to students across majors is tremendous, but unfamiliar to many students. The College of Business hopes the program will be a turning point for non-business majors, showcasing the many interdisciplinary opportunities it has to offer.

“The art and humanities have a long-standing reputation for distancing themselves from the world of business,” said Asa Mittman, chair for the Department of Art and Art History. “Many members of the faculty in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts are dedicated to breaking down the misconception that our fields are at odds with our students’ desire for — their necessity of — jobs and careers that will sustain them. It is our hope that this new program will help students find meaningful work in the areas of their passion.”

The deadline for funding is Nov. 1, 2019. Students interested should click here for application information or contact Asa Mittman in the Department of Art and Art History for questions.

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