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March 4, 2019

Two College of Business students named Rawlins Award Recipients

Kendall Hall

Twelve students with major achievements in the classroom and in the community were honored in a special ceremony on March 1 as recipients of the 37th annual Lieutenant Robert Merton Rawlins Merit Award.

The award—one of the largest and most prestigious at Chico State—celebrates scholarship, extracurricular activities, and outstanding academic and professional accomplishments. Awards are also based on evidence of a student’s sincere intent to complete their education, to increase their personal knowledge, and to achieve success in every aspect of life.

The Rawlins merit scholarships are named in honor of Lt. Robert Merton Rawlins, who died piloting a B-29 bomber over Tokyo Bay during World War II. Wishing to leave a legacy in the name of her son, Fern Rawlins established the Lt. Robert Merton Rawlins Merit Award endowment in 1981.

Since the program’s inception, more than $1 million in scholarships has been awarded to more than 800 deserving CSU, Chico students.


Rawlins Award recipient Makenna BoggioMakenna Boggio is a senior completing her bachelor’s degree in business administration with an option in marketing. She has been a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA) since 2016, where she has been an integral contributor to the association’s national ranking in case study competitions. As her AMA chapter vice president, she is now responsible for leading large teams of students in constructing marketing case studies for national competitions.

She was also recently selected to attend the International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans to compete in marketing stimulations and pitch competitions. Makenna is pursuing her career through her growth marketing internship with JoyRun, and working as a marketing intern for Frito-Lay in summer 2018. For the last decade, her passion for cancer research has inspired her to volunteer for Relay for Life, where she regularly participates in events, assists in fundraising, and has donated 10 inches of her own hair to Locks of Love.

Her nominator, Kristin Minetti, wrote: “Most importantly, she has excellent evidence of scholarship, extracurricular activities, and outstanding professionally related and academic accomplishments. She has also shown that she can pursue a successful life in any chosen capacity.”


Rawlins Award Recipient Mackenzie Deeter MacKenzie Deeter is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration with and option in management, as well as a minor in sustainability management. She is both a Dean’s List and a CCAA All-Academic Award recipient. Since 2016, MacKenzie has been an athlete for Chico State’s women’s track and field, specializing in the 400-meter hurdles and the mile relay.

MacKenzie’s passion for sustainability echoes through her campus and community involvement, including her previous position as the regional director of Opal Cliffs Recreation District and her creation and leadership of the volunteer recycle collection system at Soquel High School. At Chico State, Mackenzie is a member of Sustainable Consultants of Office Practices, where she serves as a sustainability consultant and auditor for the environmental and cost efficiency of on-campus offices. Through this campus organization, she has had the opportunity to present at sustainability conferences such as Sense of the Place Symposium and This Way to Sustainability Conference.

Outside of her academic disciplines, MacKenzie is also certified to recognize and prevent human trafficking in our community, and she has worked as a special education aide. Her nominator, June Covington, stated: “from the first day of class she distinguished herself as a natural leader and someone who is committed to academic excellence.”

Savannah Anderson
Public Affairs

Photos by Jason Halley.

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