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BS in Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration offers a common core set of courses along with a capstone course in applied strategic decision making. This core gives students a fantastic understanding of all aspects of business. Then students gain specialized knowledge by pursuing one of our seven specialty options.

The College of Business also offers an Online BS in Business Administration(opens in new window).

Degree Options: Accounting | Entrepreneurship | Finance | Human Resource Management | Management | Marketing | Project Management

BADM Degree Options

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The field of accounting offers a variety of career paths. Many accounting students work for national, regional, or local public accounting firms or for government agencies such as the IRS or California Franchise Board. Accounting students are in high demand and the department has an exceptional career placement record.

Many accounting majors seek to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Toward that end, students may pursue a Professional Accounting Certificate (30 units) that addresses the 150-hour standard of this certification concurrently with earning the BS degree with an option in accounting.

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Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

This option prepares you to translate ideas into feasible opportunities. Whether a social venture, a web-based business, or a start-up based on an idea from another field, the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management option can teach you to manage risk and launch new enterprises.

Entrepreneurship grads also pursue careers in commercializing new products and services in established businesses and managing processes for developing innovations.



Finance graduates can choose from a variety of career paths and industries. Specific industry opportunities include investment brokerage, insurance, and banking. Within those industries, graduates often pursue jobs in investment analysis, risk, and insurance, or real estate finance.

Human Resources

Human Resource Management

The Human Resources Management (HRM) option focuses on the process of building an organization’s human talent as a means of competitive advantage. Accredited by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), this option offers hands-on learning in employee recruitment, selection, development, compensation, and performance management.

Specific career paths in every industry include generalist positions in HRM as well as positions in recruitment, training and development, benefits administration, and HR information systems.

SHRM Academically Aligned



The Management option provides the background to become a productive, engaged leader who can manage the complexities of a 21st century organization.

From analysis of system dynamics to corporate social responsibility to employment law, recent graduates have prepared for a variety of career paths in companies such as Oracle, Yelp, KPMG, and UPS.



The Marketing option prepares students for career paths in advertising, brand management, sales, distribution, and retailing. Students with an interest in sales may pursue the Professional Sales Certificate concurrently while pursuing the 120-unit BS degree.

Our Professional Sales Certificate has caught the attention of numerous companies including Frito Lay, ADP,, Intuit, TEK Systems, Yelp, and others, who actively recruit our students. Graduates with this practical sales training can expect phenomenal opportunities and excellent career placement.

Project Management

Project Management

Project managers implement a company’s strategy through achieving specific results on time and under budget, so they remain in demand. The courses have been designed so that graduates are eligible to pursue the Project Management Institute Certification.

Project management graduates enjoy outstanding career placement rates with firms such as Accenture, Blue Shield, PG&E, Workday, and Deloitte.

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