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BS in Business Information Systems

The BS in Business Information Systems has a more technical orientation for students that desire the combination of core business knowledge and the ability to leverage technical expertise to help solve business challenges.

This degree offers a common core set of classes with a capstone course on strategic issues for information business professionals. In addition, students pursue a set of courses to gain specific knowledge in one of our BSIS options.

Degree Options

Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems

Career paths for graduates of this option include software development, database administration, web development, computer system analysis, and programming. Graduates with at least a 3.0 GPA have extremely high placement rates and can expect extraordinary career opportunities. With its strong position in the SAP University Alliance, students can expect leading-edge instruction and projects.

Lear more about Operations and Supply Chain Management at Chico State

Operations & Supply Chain Management

This option integrates information systems with logistics and supply chain topics. The result is a program that contains both Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and an international business flavor.

Specific career paths include materials management, purchasing, supply chain analysis, production management, and logistics. Graduates have accepted positions at firms such as Apple, Chevron, Cisco, Dell, Intel, and Micron.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

The Business Analytics option will equip students with innovative and forward-looking disciplinary knowledge to help them understand not just how to generate data in their business organizations, but how to use it as well.

For example, in order to analyze the huge amount of data companies collect, we will teach students techniques in “data blending” using Structural Query Language (SQL) and advanced data modeling.

We will also teach students how to use state-of-the-art analytic algorithms (such as machine learning and natural language processing) to investigate business problems.

We will teach students cloud computing using a deep-dive into Amazon’s cloud in its marketleading e-commerce business. Students in the program will learn how to design and develop Data Warehouses.

Students also will examine contemporary issues in business intelligence and internet security issues including cybersecurity.

We have faculty scholars who have the capacity, experience, and technical know-how to teach these subjects, which will allow our students to gain a competitive advantage when they apply for jobs upon graduation.

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