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Letter From Our Executive Director

Welcome back to the Seufferlein Sales Program and the fall of 2020!

I am excited for our school semester to officially begin on August 24th. During this time of the COVID 19 pandemic and social distancing,  we will be teaching virtually---but the great news about our program is that “virtual selling” is already a necessary skill set in order for today’s sales person to succeed. We will not miss a beat being virtual this semester, and as a matter of fact, I honestly believe that our students will receive even more marketable sales skills due to the virtual nature of our course delivery.

I am honored to be the Executive Director of the Seufferlein Sales Program and remain committed to three strategic goals: (1) Grow the program; (2) Compete in more national and international sales competitions (i.e. makes the program more visible) and (3) Add more corporate sponsors to our program from diverse industries in order for our students to have access to more sales internships and job opportunities upon graduation.  I am happy to say that last year we made dramatic improvements in all 3 areas!

The Seufferlein Sales Program is a full member of the USCA (University Sales Center Alliance) and we abide by those standards; we are proud to state that we are part of the USCA family. Upon completion of your Certificate in Professional Sales, you will be fully versed in trust-based, relationship selling techniques using the SPIN (Situation, Problem, Implications and Needs Payoff) model. Using role plays as a teaching tool is fundamental to our program and working with our corporate partners, we have not only added more role plays to our capstone courses, but also more complex role plays. Learning selling and negotiation techniques is not just for business students, but for anyone who is interested in a foundational approach to positioning themselves and succeeding. With that being said, we encourage students from other colleges to consider obtaining their professional sales certificate as well.

This fall, I am happy to announce that the Seufferlein Sales Program will be virtually hosting the first ever California State University Sales Competition with 6 other CSUs. The competition will be on November 12th/13th with Day 1 being an individual sales competition and Day 2 being a team competition. I would also like to announce that in the spring of 2021, the Seufferlein Sales Program will return to hosting the Western Regional Sales competition on March 4th/5th that will include competing with students from other west coast universities such as Oregon, Arizona State, University of Washington etc.

Our program is robust, growing, and relevant, especially during a time when companies have even more interest in generating new revenue and growing the revenue streams they manage today. Come explore our website (Seufferlein Sales Program) or feel free to reach out to me personally.


Thomas P. Villa
Executive Director – Seufferlein Sales Program

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Letter from the Executive Director

"We will not miss a beat being virtual this semester, and as a matter of fact, I honestly believe that our students will receive even more marketable sales skills due to the virtual nature of our course delivery." Read the letter from the director.

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Glenn Hall Room 206

Thomas Villa
Executive Director 

Katharine Glennon
Sales Program Lead 

Ryan Brumfield
Corporate Relations Specialist 

Mattea Bertain
Marketing Specialist 

Dominique Faubert
Marketing Specialist 

Lindsey Alford
Digital Marketing Specialist

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Fall 2020 Events (all events will be hosted virtually)

Calendar of Events

Sep 16/30 | Powerful Presentations Workshops

Sep 21/Nov 2 | Applying Samurai Wisdom to Selling Workshops

Sep 24/Nov 16 | How to Excel pt. 1

Oct 1/Dec 2 | How to Excel pt. 2

Oct 7/Dec 9 | Your Secret Weapons: Emotional and Cultural Intelligence Workshops

Oct 14 | Sweet 16 Sales Showcase 

Oct 21/Nov 4 | High Performance Habits Workshops

Nov 12-13 | CSU Sales Competition


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