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Transform Tomorrow


The College of Business is excited to be a part of the Transform Tomorrow Campaign, as we look toward to future to create a new business building for the 21st Century. Tomorrow's facilities must be wired for applied learning and serve as canvasses for innovation, collaborative problem-solving, and intellectual exchange. Your major gift is a transformative act. You can help construct our new learning spaces that accelerate real-world impact.

New Business Building Concept Art

College of Business Building Concept Art

Investing in the Future

Partner with us to give students in every major a College of Business building for the 21st Century. Together we'll create a purpose-driven learning environment that meets the demands of new and traditional business. Configurable classrooms, informal and formal meeting spaces, and labs will match the limitless potential of tomorrow's technology-rich, relationship-focused, and multidisciplinary marketplace. 

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Annual Leadership Giving Levels

  • Visionary—$100,000 or more

  • Philanthropist—$50,000-$99,999

  • Benefactor—$25,000-$49,999

  • Founder—$15,000-$24,999

  • Pioneer—$7,500-$14,999

  • Explorer—$3,500-$7,499

  • Leader—$1,500-$3,499


Make a gift today.