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CSU, Chico Commencement

Commencement Schedule

Eligibility Window by Ceremony


Chico State has a five-semester window of eligibility for Commencement outlined below. 

Commencement 2020 Eligibility - Grads that finished their degree requirements in:
Summer 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020 (for grads that only had a virtual ceremony)

Commencement 2021 Eligibility – Grads finishing their degree requirements in:
Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Summer 2021**, Fall 2021**

Commencement 2022 Eligibility – Grads finishing their degree requirements in:
Summer 2021**, Fall 2021**, Spring 2022, Summer 2022, Fall 2022

**Graduates completing degrees in Summer or Fall 2021 choose between participating in 2021 or 2022.

In-Person Ceremony Schedule - Grads Only

Ceremonies are for graduates only. Masks and distancing will be required. No guests will be allowed. 

Ceremonies will be livestreamed simultaneously from and on the Chico State Facebook page.

Schedule of in-person Ceremonies
DayDateTimeLocationCollege and DepartmentsWatch Live
Sunday16-May8:30 a.m.Stadium

Commencement 2020 Ceremony 

One ceremony, all colleges

For Summer/Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 graduates only

Thursday20-May7 p.m.StadiumMasters Class of 2020 and
Friday21-May8:30 a.m.Stadium

Humanities and Fine Arts

Business: Management

Friday21-May7 p.m.Stadium


Natural Science

Saturday22-May8:30 a.m.Stadium

Engineering, Computer Science, & Construction Management

Communication & Education: Liberal Studies

Saturday22-May11 a.m.StadiumCommunication & Education: Communication Sciences & Disorders, Communication Studies, Journalism & Public Relations, Kinesiology, Media Arts, Design, & Technology, Recreation, Hospitality, and Parks Management,
Saturday22-May7 p.m.StadiumBusiness: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Business Information
Sunday23-May8:30 a.m.StadiumBehavioral and Social Sciences: Criminal Justice, Political Science, Economics, Public Administration, International Relations, Anthropology, Child Development, Geography,
Sunday23-May11 a.m.StadiumBehavioral and Social Sciences: Psychology, Health Science, Heath Service Admin, Public Health, Public Health Admin, Social Sciences, Multi Cultural  Gender Studies, Intersectional Chicanx/Latinx, Social

Virtual Premiere Watch Parties

The virtual ceremonies are separate from the in-person events which will livestream simultaneously.

Chico State's virtual Commencement ceremony website will go live on May 20. It will remain available to view for one year and can be visited many times. Virtual ceremonies include pre-recorded videos from esteemed administration, faculty, and students. Participating students submit a photo, video, and personal message that will be displayed during the "procession" of students.

In addition to the ceremony website, Chico State will host premiere watch party events at a specific date and time so grads, their friends, and families can watch together. 

Virtual Premiere Watch Party Schedule
DayDateTimeMajorsRegister to Watch
Friday21-May1 p.m.VirtualBSS - Criminal Justice, Political Science, Public Administration, International RelationsRegister to Watch
Friday21-May3 p.m.VirtualCME - Communication Studies, Communication Sciences and Disorders Register to Watch
Friday21-May3 p.m.VirtualBSS- Sociology, Intersectional Chicanx/ Latinx, Multicultural Gender StudiesRegister to Watch
Friday21-May3 p.m.VirtualBUS - ManagementRegister to Watch
Friday21-May5 p.m.VirtualCME - Recreation, Hospitality & Parks ManagementRegister to Watch
Friday21-May5 p.m.VirtualBSS - Health Science and Health Administration, Public HealthRegister to Watch
Friday21-May5 p.m.VirtualECC - Computer Animation & Game Development, Computer Engineering, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Register to Watch
Friday21-May5 p.m.VirtualBUS - Accounting, Finance and Information SystemsRegister to Watch
Saturday22-May1 p.m.VirtualCME - Liberal StudiesRegister to Watch
Saturday22-May1 p.m.VirtualBSS - PsychologyRegister to Watch
Saturday22-May1 p.m.VirtualECC - Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering, Sustainable ManufacturingRegister to Watch
Saturday22-May1 p.m.VirtualBUS - MarketingRegister to Watch
Saturday22-May1 p.m.VirtualAG - All CollegeRegister to Watch
Saturday22-May1 p.m.VirtualNS - Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Mathematics, Microbiology, PhysicsRegister to Watch
Saturday22-May1 p.m.VirtualMasters - Ceremony 1 - BSSRegister to Watch
Saturday22-May3 p.m.VirtualCME - Kinesiology, Exercise PhysiologyRegister to Watch
Saturday22-May3 p.m.VirtualBSS - Child Development, Social ScienceRegister to Watch
Saturday22-May3 p.m.VirtualECC - Civil Engineering, Concrete Industry Management,  Construction ManagementRegister to Watch
Saturday22-May3 p.m.VirtualHFA - All CollegeRegister to Watch
Saturday22-May3 p.m.VirtualNS - Nursing, Nutrition, Science EducationRegister to Watch
Saturday22-May3 p.m.VirtualMasters - Ceremony 2 - AG, BUS, CME, ECC, HFA, NSRegister to Watch
Saturday22-May5 p.m.VirtualCME - Journalism and Media Arts, Design and TechnologyRegister to Watch
Saturday22-May5 p.m.VirtualBSS - Anthropology, Geography, Social Work, EconomicsRegister to Watch

Special Celebrations

All Special Celebrations will be held virtually this year. 

Virtual Celebration Schedule
Tuesday, 5/186 p.m.VirtualNative American Celebration
Thursday, 5/205 p.m.VirtualAsian/Pacific Islander Celebration Register to Watch
Thursday, 5/205 p.m.VirtualVeteran CelebrationRegister to Watch
Friday, 5/211 p.m.VirtualNurse PinningRegister to Watch
Friday, 5/215 p.m.VirtualEducation CredentialRegister to Watch
Sunday, 5/231 p.m.VirtualLavender CelebrationRegister to Watch
Sunday, 5/233 p.m.VirtualBlack CelebrationRegister to Watch
Sunday, 5/235 p.m.VirtualLatinx CelebrationRegister to Watch