Ticket Information

Attention CSU Chico Graduates:

Any unclaimed tickets will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis, on Tuesday, May 3, at 9 a.m. (maximum of two tickets per student if tickets are availible). If tickets are not availible for a commencmenet it is because the venue is at capacity.

Please CLICK HERE to be directed to the Ticket login.

  • Note (5/19/2016) All additional tickets have been given out for all commencement ceremonies.


Why are guest tickets required?

Safety is the first and foremost reason for limiting the number of guests in University Stadium. The large-scale nature of past commencements has resulted in a lack of ADA parking and seating, concerns regarding emergency evacuation procedures and the ability for emergency vehicles to enter the stadium if needed, and the lack of bleacher seating for all of our guests attending the ceremonies. 

How many tickets may students request?

Each student may request up to eight tickets (The College of Agriculture ceremony is in Laxson Auditorium so those students will be allowed 4-5 tickets each). If you do not need eight tickets you may allocate unused tickets to a pool of tickets for students who would like more. Unused tickets will be allocated to students needing more on May 3, 2016 at 9 a.m. Guest tickets cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed. We are not responsible for lost, stolen or destroyed guest tickets. Guest tickets are not available at University Stadium.

Additional tickets will be available on a first-come basis for viewing Commencement broadcast via live streaming at Harlen Adams Theater.

May guests request their own tickets?

No, only students who have applied for graduation AND registered to participate in commencement ceremonies may request tickets.

Are tickets required for students participating in the ceremonies?

No, tickets are only required for guests attending the ceremonies.

May non-graduating Chico State students get tickets for the Commencement ceremony? 

All guests, including non-graduating students, must have a ticket to enter University Stadium.

Do children need a ticket to attend Commencement? 

Children, ages three and under, do not need a ticket if they are sitting on the lap of an adult.

If a guest is in a wheelchair, will a ticket be required? 

Yes, tickets are required of guests utilizing a wheelchair. There is alternative seating available for persons who, due to mobility restrictions or serious health conditions, cannot navigate the stadium stairs.  Each guest requiring special seating accommodations may have one additional guest to accompany them.

What if I need a disability-related accommodation?

If you need a disability-related accommodation, please contact the Accessibility Resource Center: 530-898-5959 or arcdept@csuchico.edu. Accommodations will be provided upon request for people with disabilities, provided the request is made at least seven days prior to the event. ADA seating will be available in the alternate viewing sites.

When will tickets be available and how will students receive their tickets?

Students will be able to request tickets starting on April 1 at 9 a.m. In order to be eligible for tickets, students must have applied for graduation AND have registered to participate in ceremonies. Please note, only students who have completed these two steps may request commencement ceremony tickets. 

Is there a charge for tickets?

No, there is no charge for tickets regardless of the viewing venue.

Will there be "extra" tickets?

The ticketing system will close on Thursday, April 30. If there are any unclaimed tickets, they will be made available on a first-come, first-served basis, on Tuesday, May 3, at 9 a.m.: maximum of two tickets per student.

Can I buy tickets on Craig's List?

You take a risk purchasing tickets from Craig's List and from individuals that you do not know. Each ticket has a unique bar code. Each ticket can only be used once and once that bar code has been scanned it can no longer be used for entry. If someone were to sell multiple copies of the same ticket, the first person using that ticket will gain admittance to the stadium and all others will be turned away and not allowed entrance into the stadium.