CSU, Chico Commencement

Ticket Information

When will tickets be available and how will students receive their tickets?

Students will be able to request tickets online starting in April. Please check the important dates section to confirm the specific date and time.

In order to be eligible for tickets, students must have applied for graduation and have registered to participate in ceremonies. Please note, only students who have completed these two steps may request commencement ceremony tickets.

Why are guest tickets required?

Safety is the first and foremost reason for limiting the number of guests in University Stadium. The large-scale nature of past commencements has resulted in a lack of ADA parking and seating, concerns regarding emergency evacuation procedures and the ability for emergency vehicles to enter the stadium if needed, and the lack of bleacher seating for all of our guests attending the ceremonies.

How many tickets may students request?

Ticket quantities are assigned by ceremony depending on stadium capacity. Please see the important dates section for this information. Ticket numbers will vary for graduate students, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies for that information.

Each student will be allocated a certain number of tickets, but they must be claimed through the online ticketing portal before the ticketing deadline. Tickets that are not claimed will be allocated online to students on a first come, first serve basis. These tickets will be distributed at the beginning of May. Please check the important dates section for exact dates and times. Tickets can be replaced through the online ticketing portal, but only the first ticket used at the stadium will scan. 

May guests request their own tickets?


Are tickets required for students participating in the ceremonies?

No, tickets are only required for guests attending the ceremonies.

Do children need a ticket to attend Commencement?

Yes, children above 3 years old will require tickets.

Will a ticket be required for guests using a wheelchair?

Yes, tickets are required for guests utilizing a wheelchair. Limited ground-level seating is available on both sides of the stadium for guests who cannot safely navigate bleacher seating due to a disability or other mobility limitations. One person may accompany the guest with the disability. Both guests need tickets to enter the stadium.

What if I need a disability-related accommodation?

If you need a disability-related accommodation, please contact the Accessibility Resource Center no less than seven days prior to the event. If you need a sign language interpreter, please contact the Accessibility Resource Center no less than two weeks prior to the event.

Accessibility Resource Center
Student Services Center, Room 170

Can I sell tickets?

NO! Any student caught selling tickets will be reported. (CA Penal Code § 346: It is illegal to sell tickets that were bought for the purpose of resale for more than face value on the grounds of the event venue without the written permission of the event sponsor).