Comparative Religion and Humanities

Comparative Religion

Comparative Religion is an academic discipline devoted to the study of religion in general and specific world religions in particular, investigating such dimensions of religion as scripture and myth, experience, belief, ritual, ethics, institutions, and material culture. It employs an interdisciplinary and comparative methodology that borrows from and has influenced a broad array of other fields. The academic study of religion recognizes the interconnectedness of religion with other dimensions of culture but acknowledges that religion is qualitatively different from other forms of human expression.

The Department of Comparative Religion and Humanities at Chico State can be found on the third floor of the new Arts and Humanities building (ARTS 377), using the stairway or elevator closest to 2nd Street and the Madison Bear Garden (at the far end of the courtyard of the building). Feel free to come by to meet our staff and faculty. Please contact us with any questions or comments at: