Comparative Religion and Humanities

What Scientists and Religious People Think About Each Other

Elaine Howard Ecklund, PhD
Professor of Sociology at Rice University
Director, Religion and Public Life
Herbert S. Autrey Chair in Social Sciences   

Dr. Elaine Howard Ecklund’s presentation encapsulates how her extensive knowledge of social sciences and personal experiences with religious people prompted her to begin a new study. Her findings refute the major stereotypes categorizing Scientists and Religious people against one another. In contrast to her What Religious People Think About Scientists presentation, Dr. Ecklund highlights how religion should not hurt a Scientist’s credibility in academia. She also explains how there are all different kinds of religious scientists or spiritual atheists. Join Dr. Ecklund in the conversion of how theology and science can be interwoven. 

Watch "What Scientists think about Religious People"

Watch "What Religious People think about Scientists"

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