Coronavirus/COVID-19 Information

Social Distancing in Offices, Reception Areas, and Other Work Settings

As the University continues to respond to the changing world which COVID-19 has created, it is important our employees understand how to implement social distancing on campus.

These are steps that employees can use to establish social distancing in their workspaces. Keep in mind that social distancing guidelines are based on a 6-foot separation of individuals, but physical barriers are also appropriate.

  • Consider the physical barriers which are in placed such as doorways or cubicle walls.
  • Consider establishing temporary barriers such as rolling whiteboards, sealing openings between cubicles*.
  • Where there are no barriers, but the appropriate distance exists, consider placing a visual reminder to maintain social distance.
  • With campus buildings largely unoccupied, consider moving some staff to alternative rooms.
  • In reception areas, limit the number of seats. Organize seats in such a manner so there is at least 6-feet between seats. 
  • Increase distance in waiting lines. Using tape on the ground to indicate “line starts here” concept and placing tape marker at 6-feet intervals.
  • Use phones, videos, or video conferencing to reduce the need for meetings and other close personal contact.
  • Breakrooms should be managed to reduce communal use. If safe distances cannot be maintained, consider finding alternative areas to take breaks.
  • Keep in mind social distancing also applies in other areas such as vehicles, carts, and non-traditional work settings.

* Please keep in mind when creating temporary barriers or workstations that you do not block or inhibit emergency egress, corridors, aisles, or safe paths of travel. In addition, consider the flammable nature of materials so you do not create a fire hazard.  

If you have any questions, please contact Environmental Health and Safety at 530-898-5126.