Coronavirus/COVID-19 Information

Employees: How to Record COVID-19 Booster Information

Announced 2/2/2022

State employees can now officially self-certify to having received a booster shot as well as upload proof of being fully vaccinated by logging into the Employee COVID-19 Certification Page.  As a state employee, you will simply add your booster date and manufacturer and then delete and replace (or upload for the first time) your vaccine record attachment. 

 You can view detailed instructions for state employees:  

In addition, here's are a few things to remember: 

  • If you are unable to log into the portal, it is likely a caching issue. Please either clear your browser cache or try a different browser. 
  • To upload proof of getting your booster shot, delete any previously uploaded documentation. Then, upload a current version of your vaccination record card, QR Code from the State of California, or other approved documentation. 
  • For those with approved medical or religious exemptions, your exemption will carry over to the booster requirement. You don't need to update your vaccination status.

This certification portal is for state employees only. Chico State Enterprises employees should await guidance for how to submit their booster certification. Associated Students employees should submit their booster certification in UKG as directed by AS Human Resources. Student employees only need to submit their certifications once as a student through their Student Center accounts.  

 Per CSU policy, and subject to meet and confers with employee unions, employees who access campus facilities or in-person campus programs must be boosted by February 28, 2022, if they are eligible. Those who are not yet eligible by the February 28 deadline will need to self-certify to having received their booster within 30 days of becoming eligible. 

 Best Regards, 

Mike Guzzi 

Director, Pandemic Management Team