WellCat Counseling Center

How Does Counseling Work?

During your first meeting with a counselor, you will be asked questions about your concern, as well as any history that may be relevant to an understanding of your issue. After discussing your concern, the counselor may decide to see you individually, refer you to a counseling group, another staff counselor or campus service, or (s)he may refer you to a service in the community. Sometimes the counselor will be able to assist you immediately and further sessions will not be necessary.

If the counselor decides to see you individually, you may be put on a waiting list until the counselor has an opening in his/her schedule. If you do receive individual counseling, your counselor will provide you a limited number of sessions. Your counselor will make every effort to assist you as much as possible in the time he/she has available. Because of limitations in our scope of services, your counselor may recommend another agency for treatment so that your needs are best served.

Your counselor will actively listen to you, will help you communicate your concerns, and will assist you in developing goals and plans to address your concerns. You have the right to ask questions regarding your treatment, and you may discontinue treatment at any time.

There may be risks involved in counseling as well as risks involved in not receiving counseling for an issue. Resolution of a problem may result in uncomfortable feelings and/or in significant life changes. Alternative treatments are also available. Please discuss these options with your counselor.

If you need to cancel an appointment, please notify us at least the day before your appointment. After regular hours you may leave a message to cancel an appointment on our confidential voice mail. This allows the session to be offered to other students who are in need.