WellCat Counseling Center

Counseling Internship

Counseling Center: Internship Program Highlights

  • Extensive individual and group supervision by experienced clinical social workers and psychologists
  • A staff rich in diversity (ethnic background, sexual orientation, clinical interest areas)
  • State of the art technology including digital recording of sessions and electronic scheduling and documentation system
  • Counseling experience with a diverse population of students having a broad range of presenting issues
  • Stipends and hours required towards licensure
  • Weekly intern seminar covering a variety of clinical and professional development topics including working with trauma, eating disorders, self-care and burnout, multiculturalism, and risk assessment.
  • Opportunities to co-lead skill building and process groups with counselors
  • Participation in special projects and community liaison experience for social work trainees
  • Preparation for the transition to post-internship employment.

Application Materials

Counseling Internship Position Announcement 2022-2023 (PDF)

  1. A 1-2 page cover letter addressing the following three areas:                                                                                               
    1. The experiences and qualifications that have prepared you to work in a college counseling center.                                       
    2. Your professional aspirations and how you hope an internship with the Counseling and Wellness Center would prepare you.
    3. A minimum of three current clinical growth edges that you hope are addressed through this internship.
  2. Typed resume
  3. A rating form from your individual practicum instructor (Marriage and Family therapist Rating form (PDF)) or field placement instructor (Masters of Social Work Rating Form (PDF))

Past Intern Testimonies

  • “The culture of the Counseling Center is full of love, growth, encouragement and acceptance. My intern experience here has been nothing short of amazing. Each member has played a key role in my growth as a MFT Intern both personally and professionally. The Counseling Center has provided me with education and training that I will turn to for the rest of my counseling career. The Center has made space for me to make mistakes and learn from them, with the right amount of guidance and support. The Center has allowed me space to practice my creativity and form my own identity as a therapist. Most importantly, the Counseling Center has taught me to give myself the same compassion I would give to my clients and that is a lesson I could not have learned from a book.” Aman Kaur, MFT Trainee 2018-2019

  • "I felt thrilled and honored to join the team at the Counseling and Wellness Center for practicum! The support, education, supervision, colleagues, and clients have all been phenomenal, and have allowed me to push myself to sharpen my clinical skills while simultaneously growing as a human being. The Counseling and Wellness Center staff and supervisors truly value the interns. They will challenge you, but they will never rescue you from your process, and it is always safe to be human here. The opportunity to learn from the modeling provided by counselors with different approaches, backgrounds, and styles has also been incredibly useful. Chico State students have trusted me with a wide variety of presenting concerns, issues and challenges, and I am grateful for their trust, and willingness to engage in the process. When a former intern said that “they roll the red carpet out for interns at the Counseling and Wellness Center,” it sounded too good to be true, but now I know what she meant, and I whole-heartedly agree."  Anna Lee, MFT Trainee 2018-2019

Contact Information


Ines Dueñas, LMFT
Clinical Director
Counseling and Wellness Center
430 Student Services Center
Campus Zip 0702