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Victim Witness

Victim Witness

Contact Information

Victim & Witness Assistance Center

25 County Center Drive, Suite 218, Oroville, California 95965

Oroville Telephone: (530) 538-7340 | Chico Telephone: (530) 891-2812


  • Must be a victim of a violent or serious crime where there is an element of threat or fear
  • Victim must be willing to cooperate with law enforcement and present as non-combative
  • Victim cannot have contributed to the crime or engaged in a crime at the time of the incident
  • Victim must produce a report that corroborates a crime has occurred:

Type of reports Victim Witness accepts:         

  • POLICE REPORT from law enforcement (including University Police)
  • HOSPITAL RECORD documenting physical injuries or a SART exam (sexual assault)
  • A completed Mental Health Documentation In-Lieu of Crime Documentation form filled out by a LICENSED MENTAL HEALTH PROVIDER (including counselors from the Counseling and Wellness Center)
  • A victim that has an active PERMANENT RESTRAINING ORDER (granted for a minimum of 3 years) can submit the restraining order in lieu of a report

Steps To Apply For Services:

  • Victim reports the crime and obtains a report that corroborates a crime took place
  • Victim completes an application for services and submits it to victim witness along with a copy of the report (from law enforcement, a hospital, or a mental health provider)
    • Applications can be found online at: select Application for Crime Victim Compensation.
    • Victims can contact victim witness to get assistance with filling it out the application in-person or by-phone

Program Services

  • Counseling Resource and Referral

If the application is approved, victims can receive up to 40 free counseling sessions. If deemed appropriate by the counselor, additional counseling sessions can be provided.

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Assistance in Filing a California Victim Compensation claim
  • Assistance in getting property returned
  • Orientation to the Criminal Justice System
  • Court Escort and Support
  • Case Status or Disposition Information
  • Notification to Family and Friends
  • Notification to Employer
  • Restitution Assistance

Note: victim witness is a state program and is not limited to residents of Butte County or to incidents occurring within Butte County. Services can be received anywhere in CA.

Local Police

University Police                                                         Chico Police Department

Corner of W. 2nd & Chestnut Streets                        1460 Humboldt Rd, Chico, CA 95928

(530) 898-5555                                                            (530) 897-4900

Oroville Police Department                                       Butte County Sheriff's Office

2055 Lincoln St, Oroville, CA 95966                         5 Gillick Way, Oroville, CA 95965

(530) 538-2448                                                                        (530) 538-7321