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CSU, Chico


Students and faculty in CSU, Chico’s Department of English come from a variety of traditional and non-traditional academic backgrounds. But together we make arguments, stories, interpretations, and meaning. We make educators, wordsmiths, activists, and connections across time and across cultures. We make sense of language in its stunning diversity through creative, editorial, linguistic, literary, and rhetorical work. We make community by sharing our commonalities and recognizing our differences.

The beauty of a major in English lies in its flexibility. English majors possess the ability to think analytically and imaginatively, speak and write articulately, and read critically with an eye to the subtleties and nuances of language. Consequently, English majors gain employment in a variety of fields and professions—from education, business, medicine, research, politics and government to publishing, law, community activism, entertainment, media, and journalism. In short, English majors are present in almost any career.

Program Degrees and Certificates

The English Department at Chico State offers the following certificates and degrees:

  • The Bachelor of Arts in English
  • The Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics
  • The Minor in Creative Writing
  • The Minor in English
  • The Minor in Linguistics
  • The Certificate in Literary Editing and Publishing
  • The Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
  • The Certificate in Teaching College-Level Writing
  • The Master of Arts in English
  • The Single Subject Matter Preparation Program in English
English Department

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