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The student of history is a traveler in many lands. Like all travel, the study of the past—whether in a single course or a dozen—broadens and enriches the human mind and the human personality. The study of history helps us to become literate, humane, compassionate, knowledgeable people who recognize that we cannot deal with the present or prepare to cope with the future without an understanding of the past. Moreover, it is from a study of the past that we acquire familiarity with the great tradition of human values and human dignity.

The study of history can lead to professional work in the field as a teacher or professional historian in governmental and private agencies. It is also valuable for those going into other professions, such as government service, law, librarianship, business, journalism, and publishing.

But also the study of history produces the kind of person who is capable of handling many different jobs and positions where the knowledgeable, the intelligent, the humane, and the perceptive are in demand. People who have a broad understanding of their society, have critical thinking skills, and who have command of the English language, spoken and written, are of high value in many fields and to thousands of employers. This means that history majors have a wide variety of careers open to them.

Program Degrees and Certificates

The History Department at Chico State offers the following certificates and degrees:

  • The Bachelor of Arts in History
  • The Minor in History
  • The Certificate in Public History
  • The Certificate in Advanced Study in History
  • The Master of Arts in History
  • The Single Subject Matter Preparation Program in Social Science
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