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Multicultural and Gender Studies

Multicultural and Gender Studies (MCGS) is the academic face of diversity and inclusion at CSU Chico, ever striving to embody, inculcate, promote, and celebrate the values of multicultural respect, awareness, and understanding as fundamental to the socially and environmentally responsible democratic citizen. We are a diverse community of scholars and activists working together to critically examine gender, sexuality, race, and ethnicity-primarily within the U.S. - in historical and contemporary cultural contexts.Career Outlook

A major or minor in Multicultural and Gender Studies emphasizes critical thinking, collaborative learning, intercultural competency, activism, and advocacy, all skills which can be applied to a host of careers—especially leadership positions.

A degree in MCGS demonstrates to potential employers that, in addition to having the determination and focus to earn a college degree, you are well-rounded, having studied across a wide range of academic disciplines. Additionally, you have learned to look beneath the surface, to see and analyze complexities of issues and situations; you are sensitive to and value human diversity.

Program Degrees and Certificates

The Multicultural and Gender Studies Department at Chico State offers the following certificates and degrees:

  • The Bachelor of Arts in Multicultural and Gender Studies
  • The Minor in African American Studies
  • The Minor in Managing Diversity in Organizations
  • The Minor in Multicultural Studies
  • The Minor in Sexual Diversity Studies
  • The Minor in Women's Studies
  • The Minor in Intersectional Latinx/Chicanx Studies
Multicultural and Gender Studies Department

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