California Pavement Preservation Center


Meetings and Conference Rooms

The California Pavement Preservation Center has access to all the facilities at CSU, Chico.  There are two organizations on campus that make facilities available. Facilities are available for meetings, lectures, workshops, and conferences.  Also, there are several facilities available for teleconferences on campus as well.

FIRST are the facilities offered by the Associated Student at CSU, Chico in their building.  The Bell Memorial Union at CSU, Chico is the ideal setting for successful events.  The BMU's exceptional facilities and professional staff bring together a mix of quality resources and services which have earned them a well-deserved reputation as one of Butte County's leading special events and meeting venues.  Featuring a host of meeting and event spaces, the facility offers contemporary settings and flexibility for anything from intimate receptions to large-scale presentations for up to 1,000.  The Conference Services Staff is available to assist with all aspects of an event in the rooms and facilities which are available.  The rooms may be equipped with podiums, stages, CD players, concert public address systems, concert lighting, spotlights, projectors, screens DVD players, and AV smart charts.

SECOND are the facilities of California State University, Chico which may also be utilized by the California Pavement Preservation Center.  Hundreds of rooms are available and either are well equipped with presentation equipment or can be equipped by reserving equipment from the Instructional Medial Center.  'Smart' classrooms have web communications, Visual Presenters, slide projectors, overhead projectors, white boards, chalk boards, and video conferencing.

Laboratory Facilities

Laboratory facilities are available for use by the CP2 Center.  Currently the facilities include the following:

  • Asphalt laboratory for testing binder, emulsion, and asphalt concrete
  • Soils laboratory for testing soils
  • Concrete laboratory for testing cements, aggregates, and portland cement concrete

The concrete laboratory is currently being upgraded for use by the Concrete Industry Center and eventually will be relocated to accommodate new equipment and to co-exist with the new asphalt laboratory.

In addition, a pavement preservation surface treatment testing laboratory is being developed.

Equipment and Facilities of Cp2c
4 Point Beam Fatigue Testing ApparatusAPA for Humburg TestingAsphalt Concrete Cutting SawBending Beam Rheometer
DynamicShearRheometerEnviromental Chamber with 4 pt Beam FatigueLaboratory AsphaltPressure Aging Vessel
Rolling Thin Film Aging Device Superpave Gyratory CompactorVacume Degas Oven