California Pavement Preservation Center

Technical Services


The California Pavement Preservation Center is prepared to serve public agencies and industry in their efforts to establish and improve pavement preservation practices. The Center provides educational programs, outreach, hands-on technical assistance and conduct or manage applied research to government agencies, industry, universities, and others interested in practicing pavement preservation.

The Center’s staff has an established working relationship with the pavement preservation industry and has expertise in many areas including:

  • Roadway materials, maintenance and design
  • Pavement management systems
  • Asset management
  • Pavement evaluation and failure investigations
  • Safety of transportation facilities
  • Budgeting for highway transportation facilities
  • Pavement Preservation
Services provided by the Center as well as potential clients are summarized below.

Technical Assistance

Evaluate performance of pavement preservation treatments (forensics) 
Specification development and/or review 
Development of guides for pavement preservation practices 
Laboratory testing services for flexible and rigid pavement preservation treatments 
Develop and deliver presentations to other agencies

Innovation and Implementation

New Product Evaluation

  • Streamlining the new product evaluation process
  • Participating in lab and field studies
  • Partnering with agencies to identify new products and to address pavement preservation
Applied Research
  • Management of pooled fund studies
  • Participating as a partner in regional and national studies
  • Conducting specific studies for Caltrans and local agencies

Promoting Pavement Preservation


  • Marketing brochures of services provided by the California Pavement Preservation Center
  • Workshops for agencies, industries and organizations
  • Fact sheets for pavement preservation treatment topics
  • Conferences on pavement preservation such as the Annual California Pavement Preservation Conference and the First International Conference on Pavement Preservation
  • Quarterly Center newsletter

Past and Current Clients

Federal Agencies 
State of California, Department of Transportation (Caltrans) 
California Recycle 
Local Agencies 
Private owners interested in pavement preservation 
National Academy of Sciences