California Pavement Preservation Center

Seminars and Workshops

Cp2 Center Workshops

One or two-day seminars and/or practical workshops will be scheduled on a routine basis around the state.  Topics include any of the following:

  • Pavement preservation techniques
  • Strategy selection for flexible and rigid pavements
  • Benefits of pavement preservation
  • Integrating pavement preservation into pavement management
  • Cost effectiveness of pavement preservation
  • Others on demand such as asphalt rubber and terminal blends

Technology Transfer Program

UC Berkeley

The Technology Transfer Program(opens in new window) provides training, workshops, conferences, technical assistance and information resources in the transportation-related areas of planning and policy, traffic engineering, project development, infrastructure design and maintenance, safety, environmental issues, railroad and aviation.  The Technology Transfer Program is a division of the Institute of Transportation Studies(opens in new window) at the University of California, Berkeley(opens in new window).

Please check back frequently for more information on planned seminars or workshops.

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