California Pavement Preservation Center

Pavement Preservation Treatment Database (PPTDB)

Access the California Pavement Preservation Treatment Database (PPTDB)(opens in new window)

To promote effective pavement preservation techniques in California and enhance interagency collaboration, a pavement preservation treatment database (PPTDB) has been developed to help keep track of the performance of pavement preservation related projects. It has great long-term value for agencies to obtain future performance information such as expected life, life cycle costs out of stored projects.

This database has two user levels: general and advanced. For a general user, view the project information and survey results. An advanced user can view the project information as well as add new projects and edit his/her own projects. Advanced users can also add, view, or edit project survey information. The project surveys include pavement condition survey information such as raveling, oxidation, bleeding, rutting, fatigue cracking, longitudinal/transverse cracking, edging cracking, and traffic volume conditions. Attachments using word, image, or PDF formats to support survey information can be added.

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