Center for the Public Understanding of Religion

A New Framework for Teaching Religion in the Classroom

Increased teacher education and knowledge is critical for improving the understanding and treatment of religion in U.S. public schools and public life. Dr. Soules will discuss a five-part framework that will help teachers to respond confidently to religion in the curriculum and religious diversity in the classroom. These five domains are: (1) legal and civic literacy; (2) religious studies knowledge; (3) instructional strategies; (4) cultural competency and responsiveness; and (5) self-reflection. As the field of religion and education expands, this framework can guide the development and evaluation of professional learning about religion and help improve the classroom and student experience. 

Kate Soules, PhD

Director, Religion & Education Collaborative



Religious Literacy Educator, Researcher, and Curriculum Designer

A New Framework for Teaching Religion 10-13-2021 Presentation

A New Framework for Teaching Religion continued PowerPoint