Center for the Public Understanding of Religion

Science & Religion Conference

Dr. Elaine Howard Ecklund’s presentation encapsulates how her extensive knowledge of social sciences and personal experiences with religious people prompted her to begin a new study. Her findings refute the major stereotypes categorizing Scientists and Religious people against one another. In contrast to her What Religious People Think About Scientists presentation, Dr. Ecklund highlights how religion should not hurt a Scientist’s credibility in academia. She also explains how there are all different kinds of religious scientists or spiritual atheists. Join Dr. Ecklund in the conversion of how theology and science can be interwoven. 

In a continued series, Dr. Elaine Howard Ecklund discusses religious people and their view of science in a broad sense. She utilizes personal stories gathered during her research to break down stereotypes and emphasize new or surprising findings. In her presentation she details how clergy members view universities and what is at stake in these conversations. Dr. Cootsona, of Chico State, continues the conversation with his presentation, Religion and the Public: Bringing Science to Church. Finally, Dr. Oppy from the Chico State Psychology Department, uses his research to explain why religious people and scientists have been viewed as opposites. Dr. Ecklund has written a book entitled, Science vs. Religion: What Scientists Really Think. Join the panel of Dr. Ecklund, Dr. Cootsona, and Dr. Oppy in the discussion of science and religion.

Science & Religion Conference Flyer (PDF).