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License Types

Salesforce/TargetX is licensed on a per-user basis (licensing costs are the responsibility of each department). There are two primary license types that will be used by University staff and faculty; the type of license that a user needs depends on the functions that the user will perform:

  • Staff Community License. This license provides users with access to read, create, edit, and delete student records in Salesforce. Users with this license can run reports, email students individually, send SMS messages, add notes, manage event registrations, and participate in call campaigns. Most campus users will fall into this category
  • Staff User License. This license provides all of the capabilities listed above with the added capabilities of creating, editing and deleting dashboards, email campaigns, SMS campaigns, and telephone campaigns. This license is typically assigned to the primary contact who is responsible for the overall management of Salesforce within their department or business unit.
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License Costs

A cost model is currently being developed.  Per-license cost details will be provided soon.