Catalog Rights

The requirements for your degree program are set forth in the catalog in exact detail. A new catalog is published every year beginning with 2011-2012 (it was previously every two years). You have a choice as to which version of the catalog you follow:

"As long as you maintain continuous attendance at CSU, Chico, or a combination of CSU campuses and California Community Colleges (CCC), your catalog rights are protected according to the following regulations:

You may elect to meet the graduation requirements in effect 1) at the time you began your college program at any one of the California State University campuses or California community colleges, 2) when you entered the CSU campus from which you intend to graduate, or 3) at the time you graduate from a campus of the California State University.

Continuous attendance is defined as "regular regular semester or two regular quarters per each calendar year." Once you have established your "catalog rights," your absence related to an approved educational leave or for attendance at another accredited institution of higher learning shall not be considered an interruption, providing the absence does not exceed two years.

If you are following an earlier version of a program in which your department has discontinued or modified required courses, the department may authorize appropriate substitutions.

If while enrolled you declare or change your major, major option, or minor, you should normally expect to follow the requirements 1) in effect at the time of the declaration or change; or 2) in effect when you file for graduation. For details see your advisor.

Whether you choose option 1) or 2) concerning your major, major option, or minor requirements, you may continue to follow the University, General Education, and Mathematics and Writing Requirements listed in the University Catalog for which you claim "catalog rights" as defined above."

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