Important Dates & Forms

Dates & Forms

Graduate Students - see Important Dates for Graduate Students


There are several other forms you should be aware of:

  • Advising Clearance Form - used to verify that mandatory advising has been completed each semester.
  • CSCI 400 Enrollment & Evaluation Form - earn 1 unit by participating in a Computer Science student organization or activity
  • Manual Add Request - use this form to request enrollment in a course for which you are not allowed to register via the portal because you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite
  • Major Field Test Registration Form - use this form to register to take the Major Field Test - required of all seniors graduating with a BS in Computer Science
  • Add/Update Request Form - use this form to add a class, change sections of a class, audit a class, or add a class with a time conflict
  • Drop Request Form - during the first two weeks of each semester, you can freely add and drop classes via your Portal account - after that drops must be done using this form with appropriate signatures - undergraduate students may withdraw from no more than 18 semester units
  • Plan Change Form - declare or change your major, option, or minor
  • Forgiveness Petition - petition for grade forgiveness for a repeated course
  • Additional Forms