We use the following rubrics in collecting assessment data:

  1. Oral Presentation (pdf)
  2. Programming Project (pdf)
  3. Team Work (pdf)
  4. Technical Writing (pdf)


  1. Download a form by clicking on the link marked (pdf).
  2. Open the form and fill out the form fields.
  3. These forms are not designed to be saved with their content intact; hence, you have the following options:
    1. Softcopy: Print the completed form to a PDF "printer" (which is actually a file), or simply send to a printer but specify that you are "printing to a file."
      1. Windows: You can install a "printer" called PDF Complete (see
      2. *nix: Most Linux distributions and Mac OS X have a PDF "printer" built in the installation
    2. Hardcopy: Send the completed form to a printer.