Computer Science

BMS in Computer Science

Blended BS + MS (BMS) in Computer Science

The BMS in Computer Science is for highly motivated, well-qualified students. The program allows a student majoring in Computer Science to progress toward the master’s degree in Computer Science while still an undergraduate. The BS in Computer Science is 120 units; the MS in Computer Science is 30 units. Both degrees are awarded simultaneously. If the MS cannot be completed, the BS can be awarded if all requirements are met.

Major Academic Plan (MAP) (PDF)


To be eligible to apply for the BMS in Computer Science a student must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Be an undergraduate with a declared major in Computer Science,
  • Have at least junior status and completion of at least 12 upper division units of Computer Science courses including CSCI 311,
  • Have at least two semesters of coursework remaining in the major after completion of the current semester
  • Meet a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 in the major,
  • Secure a recommendation from a faculty member, who agrees to supervise the student’s CSCI 399 Special Problems 

Application Procedure

A student meeting the eligibility criteria may submit an application for admission to the BMS in Computer Science to the Computer Science Department. No formal application through Admissions is required, and the student is not required to pay an admissions fee. GRE scores are not required. The application must be made during the semester prior to the student’s final undergraduate year. If accepted, the student will enter the BMS program the following semester. Students that will have fewer than two semesters of undergraduate coursework remaining may not be admitted to the BMS program. Admission to the BMS program does not constitute recognition of BMS graduate status. Students must meet the eligibility requirements outlined below to change to BMS graduate status and continue toward the MS degree.

Requirements for the BMS in Computer Science

Once accepted into the BMS program as an undergraduate, the student can take graduate-level courses to meet requirements for the MS. Other than the modifications described in the next section, the requirements for the BS in Computer Science are as described in the catalog section for the BS in Computer Science. All requirements for the MS are as described in the catalog section for the MS in Computer Science.

Modifications to the Requirements for the BS in Computer Science

During the final undergraduate year, the student should select CSCI 511 as one of their undergraduate electives in order to meet the prerequisite for CSCI 611.

Grading Requirement

Once entered into the BMS program, the student must maintain the minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 during their remaining undergraduate and graduate semesters.

Eligibility for Change to, and Minimum Duration of, BMS Graduate Status

The following are minimum eligibility requirements.

  • The student must successfully complete a minimum of 120 units toward BMS program requirements. These units must count toward either of the two degrees (BS or MS) that will ultimately be awarded in the blended program; they need not be restricted to those counting toward the undergraduate degree alone.
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA in all coursework since entry into the BMS program.
  • Prior completion of the Graduation Writing Requirement is strongly encouraged but not required.

At the conclusion of the semester that the eligibility requirements are met, the student makes a request to the Graduate Coordinator to change to BMS graduate status. A Master’s Degree Program Plan is prepared and submitted to the Graduate Coordinator and the Office of Graduate Studies. The student will be changed to BMS graduate status effective the following semester. The student must be enrolled in coursework for at least two academic semesters in BMS graduate status. 

Process to Award Both Degrees

  • The student must meet all requirements for both the MS and the BS with the modifications described above for the BMS program. Courses taken to meet the requirements of the master’s degree cannot be substituted to also count toward BS program requirements unless the student does not complete both degrees as noted below.
  • The student applies to the Office of Graduate Studies to graduate in the Accelerated BS + MS (BMS) program one semester prior to graduation.
  • When it is confirmed that all requirements for both degrees have been met, the two degrees are awarded at the same time and at the same graduation ceremony.
  • If a student fails to complete MS requirements, but completes undergraduate degree requirements, the undergraduate matriculation can be re-opened in order to grant the BS degree.

How To Apply

Application deadline:

  • May 1, for admission in the following fall semester.
  • December 1, for admission in the following spring semester.

Submit the materials listed below directly to the Computer Science Department. You do not need to take the GRE test, or pay any fee for the application to this program. 

  1. Application for Admission to the Blended BS + MS (BMS) Program in Computer Science (PDF)
  2. Letter of recommendation from a member of the faculty in the Computer Science Department.
  3. One page statement of purpose (PDF)