Computer Science

Graduate Writing Exam


The Graduate Writing Examination (GWE) is designed to determine whether those taking the exam can demonstrate writing competency sufficient to prepare appropriate documents for graduate level courses and to complete their respective degree requirements.


The examination consists of three questions or topics. Your responses to these will be evaluated to determine your ability to organize and present data in clear and acceptable written English text. Evaluation of your writing will focus on two aspects: 1) the structure of the presentation (Does it have a beginning, a middle, and an end, in other words: an introduction, body and conclusion/summary? Do the points presented in the body follow what would be expected from the introduction? Are they also reflected in the conclusion/summary?), and 2) the mechanics of your writing (grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax). Participants will either "PASS" or "FAIL" the Graduate Writing Examination. Patterns of errors are of greater significance than an occasional error.

Your results will be emailed to you when they are available.


Only those students who have registered for the exam will be permitted in the test facility. Students who enter the test facility will be required to show the proctor: photographic proof of identification (e.g., a CSUC student ID card with photo, or a valid California Driver's License).


To register for the GWE, print this GWE Registration Form (PDF), fill it out and take it to OCNL 215 to sign up.


Dictionaries may be referred to during the examination period.