Computer Science

Program Planning

Program Plan Form

Shortly after you begin Master's-level coursework in the Department of Computer Science, you should fill out a Program Plan form. The Program Plan lists the courses you intend to take and is signed by you, the Graduate Coordinator, and the Graduate School Dean. It is intended to give you confidence you are taking the right courses for a  degree.  Although there is a place for your committee to sign, their signatures are not required because committees have normally not been formed yet.

Blank Program Plan Forms (PDF)

Download the Program Plan and fill it out as appropriate, being sure to sign it. Then, either drop it by the Computer Science Department office in OCNL 215, fax it to the Graduate Coordinator at 530-898-5995, or mail it to:

Graduate Coordinator
Department of Computer Science
California State University, Chico
Chico, CA 95929-0410

Graduate Clearance Form

The Graduate Clearance Form looks very similar to the Program Plan. Like the Program Plan, it lists the courses in your program, but since the Graduate Clearance Form is normally filled out during your final semester, it lists the courses you have taken, rather than the ones you intend to take. Unlike the Program Plan, it must be signed by your Graduate Committee and there is a place on it for the Graduate Coordinator to sign off your Graduate Literacy Requirement. The Graduate Clearance Form is not available on-line. You get it in a packet when you apply for graduation.

Program Change Form

The Program Change Form is used to notify the Graduate School of changes to your program, such as changes in the courses you listed on your Program Plan or Graduate Clearance Form, or changes to the members of your Master's committee.

Blank Program Change Forms (PDF)

When complete, either fax or mail the Program Change Form to the Graduate Coordinator.