Computer Science


Required reading: Guide to Graduate Studies.

Wonder what a really good project/thesis looks like?

Meriam Library has just added a featured list "Outstanding Theses/Projects" to their catalog. The new page lists every CSU Chico Outstanding Thesis and Project winner since 1988, the title of each thesis/project, the year of the award, and the chair of each graduate advisory committee. Hardcopy of older theses/projects are available in the library; newer ones are available electronically.

See also the Chico Digital Repository Master's Theses & Projects.


See the Important Dates page for important deadlines.


  • CSCI 699 Faculty Approvals Cover Sheet
  • Form to Enroll in CSCI 699
  • Oral Defense Confirmation Form


See the Important Dates page for important deadlines.

Steps to take to set up your oral defense:

  1. Preliminary
    1. Make sure that you have submitted your graduate program plan
    2. Ensure that you have an approved final draft of your written report
  2. Ask the committee members if your work is complete enough for the oral defense to be scheduled
  3. Ask the committee members when they are available to come to your oral defense
  4. Once a date and time is established, fill out the Oral Defense Confirmation Form and send to the Department Administrative Assistant, Michelle Berglund-Smith. She will notify the Graduate School of your presentation, assign a room, reserve an overhead projector (if necessary), and advertise your oral defense to the faculty and students.