Major Field Test (MFT) in Computer Science

We use the Major Field Test (MFT) for Computer Science, developed by Educational Testing Services (ETS), for indirect assessment of our Computer Science degree program.

The ETS Major Field Test (MFT) for Computer Science is a comprehensive undergraduate outcomes assessment tool designed to measure the critical knowledge and understanding obtained by students in a computer science degree program. The MFT for Computer Science goes beyond the measurement of factual knowledge by helping us evaluate our students’ ability to analyze and solve problems, understand relationships and interpret material from core courses in their major.

The top scorers (out of 200 points) of the MFT since we started administering it in Spring 2002 are the following individuals:

Jonathan Layton, 169; Spring 2002 Robert Abbott, 178; Fall 2005 John Oilar, 196; Spring 2009
Samuel Good, 185; Spring 2003 John Ng, 170; Spring 2006 Ben McKay, 176; Fall 2009
Damon Green, 175; Fall 2003 Jason Brewer, 176; Fall 2006 Luke Last, 188; Spring 2010
Michael McMaster, 171; Spring 2004  
James Switzer, 197; Spring 2007  
Phillip Malinoski, 173; Fall 2010
Greg Adams, 176; Fall 2004 Nick Heath, 172; Fall 2007 Daniel Phelps, 181; Spring 2011
Daniel Goudy, 180; Spring 2005 David Stolp, 199; Spring 2008 T.B.D.; Fall 2011
Garret Smith, 180; Spring 2005 Bryce Schroeder, 176; Fall 2008

The names of these outstanding Computer Science students are written in an Award of Excellence perpetual plaque sponsored by the Institute for Research in Intelligent Systems (IRIS) proudly displayed in the Department office.

The following figures illustrate historical trends based on our students' performance on the MFT in Computer Science:

MFT in Computer Science @ Chico State

Figure 1. Academic year trend in statistics of our students' scores in the MFT for Computer Science.

MFT in Computer Science @ Chico State

Figure 2. Academic year trend in assessment indicators (AI's) of our students' scores in the MFT for Computer Science.

Additional information about the MFT for Computer Science is available at: