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Chico State Enterprises

CSE Return to Campus Guidelines and Requests

This page contains return to campus guidelines and resources specific to Chico State Enterprises (CSE).  For all campus guidelines, expectations and phased approach return, please review Chico State Return to Campus Guidelines and Expectations(opens in new window).

CSE Announcement: CSE Return to Campus Guidelines, Expectations and New Resources - 8/6/20 (PDF)

CSE Return to Campus Requests

CSE Return to Campus Requests must be approved by CSE CEO, Mary Sidney, prior to the campus Emergency Operations Center (EOC) review.  If return is authorized by CSE, the request will be submitted to campus EOC for assessment.  Submit CSE requests to CSE representatives, Gina McCammon ( and Coleen Stewart (  

Departments should read the Return to Campus Guidelines and Expectations(opens in new window) before completing the Return to Campus Request. Campus repopulations will be tightly controlled and coordinated to mitigate potential risks and ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff, as well as the communities we serve. No unit or department shall return faculty, staff or student employees to campus without appropriate authorization. Requests to return to campus will be evaluated through a process of risk and resource assessment to establish approval, prioritization, and sequence.  CSE and the EOC will be reviewing each department’s applicable risk assessment and prevention protocols before employees or students are permitted to return to campus.

Return to Campus Request Forms

These forms must first be downloaded to your device, and then filled out using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader only. If you need to download Adobe Acrobat go to Knowledge Base Article "(opens in new window)Help installing and configuring Software"(opens in new window), click Request Service for Adobe Creative Cloud which will allow you do download Adobe Acrobat DC.  

Prior to authorizing return to campus, Chico State and CSE will:

  • Review all CSE Return to Campus Requests; approval is required by CSE CEO, Mary Sidney and the EOC.
  • Perform a detailed risk assessment and implement a site-specific protection plan in each department or unit that initiates a return to campus request.
  • Train employees on how to limit the spread of COVID-19, including how to screen themselves for symptoms and stay home if they have them.
  • Implement individual control measures and screenings.
  • Implement disinfecting protocols.
  • Implement physical distancing guidelines.

Employees approved to return to campus will:

  • Complete training course.
  • Conduct symptom monitoring every day before coming to campus.  Use CDC's Self-Checker(opens in new window).
  • Maintain physical distancing.
  • Wear face coverings in common and public indoor spaces, and outdoors when physical distancing is not possible.  Refer to the current California Department of Public Health CDPH guidance (PDF) for additional information and limited exceptions. In the event that State or County requirements change, employees will be advised and will be expected to comply with updated requirements.
  • Wash hands and use hand sanitizer frequently.


Employee training is required before returning to campus, and will include all applicable OSHA/CDPH/BCPH guidelines as well as topics highlighted in this document. Topics include:

  • Signage standards
  • Symptom recognition and reporting
  • Social and physical distancing standards
  • PPE and face covering expectations
  • Hand washing techniques
  • Other applicable topics

Please note that hyperlinks in the trainings below do not open in a new window, which may cause issues completing the course.  When accessing links either right click on a link and select Open in new window, Open in a new tab or download the pdf to your machine and then review the links.