Chico State Enterprises

CSE Vaccination Status Self-Certification Process

The Chico State campus recently provided plans for all employees to Return to Work and for all students, faculty and staff to self-certify that they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have obtained a valid exemption.  Similarly, Chico State Enterprises (CSE) will require that current employees, volunteers, and job applicants with a contingent offer of employment complete a process to self-certify their vaccination status.  Please note that as a legally separate corporation, CSE employees who may have completed the self-certification process with the University will still need to self-certify their vaccination status for their employment at CSE.  CSE employees and volunteers are required to complete the online self-certification of their vaccination status by September 30, 2021.  

How to Certify Your Vaccination Status

CSE employees and volunteers (individuals) will receive an email from CSE Vaccination Self-Certification that will direct them to the Chico State Enterprises COVID-19 Vaccination Self-Certification Form for completion.  Individuals requesting a vaccination exemption will be further directed to a link to Shaw Consulting to initiate this process.  The CSE Vaccination Self-Certification email link is unique to each recipient and therefore cannot be posted on our webpages and should not be shared.  

The CSE Vaccination Self-Certification invitations will be sent via email shortly. The form and links are under development and you will receive another CSE Announcement prior to release.  

Here is a preview of descriptions that will appear in the form:

Fully Vaccinated

Individuals indicating that they have received an approved COVID-19 vaccine will need to certify that their vaccination status is current.  A COVID-19 vaccine is an Approved Vaccine if the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a License or an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the vaccine; or the World Health Organization has determined that the vaccine has "met the necessary criteria for safety and efficacy." Individuals are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after completing the second dose of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine (e.g. Pfizer or Moderna) or two weeks after receiving a single dose of a one-dose vaccine (e.g., Johnson & Johnson/Janssen). 

In Process of Becoming Fully Vaccinated

Individuals in the process of becoming fully vaccinated must not access any campus/CSE facilities or perform any in-person work until they are “fully vaccinated” (two weeks after their final dose).

Medical Exemption Requested  

Individuals may request a vaccine exemption due to a personal medical condition.  CSE has contracted with Shaw Consulting to administer the vaccination exemption process.

Religious Exemption Requested

Individuals may request an exemption due to a person’s sincerely held religious belief, observance, or practice.  CSE has contracted with Shaw Consulting to administer the vaccination exemption process.

Individuals Who Will Not Physically Access Chico State/CSE Facilities or Perform In-person Work

Individuals who do not plan to access campus/CSE facilities or return to in-person work will still need to self-certify their vaccination status.  If plans change, individuals will need to update their self-certification in advance of any return to in-person work.