Chico State Enterprises


We strongly encourage projects to have their payers send payments directly to Chico State Enterprises (CSE). You can either notify us of incoming payments or have the payer note your project number and/or purpose on the memo line. We can then inform you when it has arrived. This ensures the quickest deposit and access of your funds. We understand this may not be possible immediately. Until then, in order to minimize in person contact, please see the appropriate deposit process below according to the type of funds you have.  

Checks: Mail to CSE using USPS along with a Deposit Slip/instructions & contact info

Credit Card Payments: Email to CSE AR(opens in new window) with Deposit Slip/instructions

Cash: Request in person deposit appointment to CSE AR(opens in new window)

Mail to address:

Chico State Enterprises
25 Main St. Suite 203
Chico, CA 95928-5388

Policy regarding timeliness of deposits, payments requests, and contracts for programs managed and accounting services provided by Chico State Enterprises (CSE). (PDF)

If you have any other questions, please contact CSE Accounts Receivable directly at

Deposit Slip (PDF)