Chico State Enterprises

New Employee Onboarding

Before beginning work at Chico State Enterprises (CSE), all new hires and rehires are required to complete onboarding documents, via DocuSign, and a 30-minute virtual onboarding meeting with CSE Human Resources, via Zoom. The onboarding process typically takes five or more business days to complete and is also determined by how quickly the individual completes their onboarding documents and meeting.  (Note: rehired employees who have worked for Chico State Enterprises in the most recent 12 months can opt out of the virtual onboarding meeting.)

Below are the steps required to request and onboard a new or returning employee:

  1. Supervisor completes and signs a Personnel Action Form (PAF)(opens in new window) along with the individual’s best email address, placed on the Explanation of Action line within the PAF.
  2. Supervisor submits a completed PAF via the  PAF submissions link(opens in new window)
  3. After the individual completes new hire documents and virtual meeting, a ‘Welcome Email’ is sent to the new or rehired employee. The supervisor is Cc’d on the ‘Welcome Email’ in order to provide notification that the employee has completed the onboarding process and is clear to be scheduled for work. Supervisors should not allow an employee to start working until you are notified by HR that the person has completed all new hire requirements.

Please contact CSE Human Resources at in new window) for any questions.