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Chico State Enterprises

Recruitment and Selection

Generally, it is Chico State Enterprises (CSE) policy to advertise and post job openings for all positions and to engage in a competitive selection process.  In the interest of practicality, exceptions are made to meet an interim emergency need or for short-term hires not expected to exceed six months.  This policy also does not apply to cases where a particular individual has been specified by name as key or as a subject matter expert.  Another exception to the open application and selection process will be made in certain instances of internal transfer or promotion.  In these cases the position being vacated by the current employee may be available for the open recruitment.

The CSE Human Resources office will oversee the recruitment process for all benefited positions.  The Project Director/hiring Supervisor will complete a Request for Recruitment (PDF) and develop a description of the job duties(opens in new window).   In consultation with the hiring supervisor, the Human Resources Director or designee will develop position announcements, ads, and a recruitment strategy designed to provide a diverse pool of qualified applicants.  Recruitments will be posted and remain open for a minimum of two weeks.  Advertising and postings will include print, web, and special outreach mailings. 

The CSE Human Resources office will conduct the initial screening for minimum qualifications.  The hiring supervisor will then employ a secondary screening and interview process designed to select the person most qualified for the position.  For this purpose, the most qualified individual is the one whose demonstrated abilities and experience, as verified by the hiring supervisor, best match the specifications of the written job description.  Materials will be provided for the screening of applications, in addition to information on the proper conduct of the interview process.  (Supervisor’s Guide to Applicant Review and Selection (PDF)).

Hiring supervisors must submit documentation of the hiring and selection process to the CSE Human Resources Director and obtain approval to hire before a job offer is made.  Please submit Recruitment Offer Form (PDF)with the details of the offer. An employment relationship does not exist until the signed and approved Personnel Action Form authorizing employment has been completed.


New Hire Instructions for Part-Time and Student Employees

  • Project supervisors please submit a completed PAF to the Human Resources department
  • New part-time employees to contact the Human Resources office at (530) 898-3536 prior to first day of work to set up an onboarding appointment.

Compliance With Immigration Laws

Federal law requires all employers to verify each new employee's identity and legal authority to work in the United States.  Verification of employee identification and legal authority to work is done by the CSE HR office. All offers of employment are conditioned upon the receipt of satisfactory evidence of an employee's identity and legal authority to work no later than three business days after he/she begins work.  If such evidence is not received within the three business days, the employee will not be allowed to work until the information is received.

Medical Examinations And Reasonable Accommodation

Prospective or current employees may be required, as a condition of employment, to undergo a physical examination.  In such cases, an offer of employment will be contingent upon an employee's successful completion of the medical examination.  CSE will select the physician and bear the expense of evaluating the individual's fitness to perform the job. 

In accordance with law, CSE will make reasonable accommodations to the disabilities of employees and potential employees.

Background Checks

In some instances, CSE positions will require background checks beyond normal reference checking, and may include Live Scan fingerprinting and checks conducted by the Department of Justice.  The CSE HR office will help hiring Project Directors make this determination based on the position responsibilities, and will conduct the background check. 

Employee Onboarding

All new and rehired employees, who have not worked for CSE for one year or more, are required to attend a new employee onboarding session prior to their first day worked.

Please have new or rehired employees contact the CSE HR office at (530) 898-3536 to schedule an onboarding appointment. 

All new employees must read the Employee Handbook materials introducing them to CSE and its personnel procedures.  All new employees will receive a copy at the time of their onboarding with Human Resources personnel.  Employees new to a project should receive an orientation from the hiring supervisor on procedures specific to the project and work expectations specific to the individual. 

The CSE Human Resources office maintains copies of benefits and resource materials in addition to the Employee Handbook to assist projects in personnel administration.  Bulletin boards are maintained at the CSE HR office.  At various project sites notices of state and federal laws, changes in policies, and other information of interest and assistance to employees are posted.

Job Duties

When employment commences, the supervisor explains the job responsibilities and the performance standards expected of the employee.  The supervisor reserves the right to change job responsibilities, reassign positions, or assign additional job duties at any time.  From time to time, an employee may be asked to work on special assignments or to assist with other work important to the project.  In addition, employees may be required to work overtime or hours other than those normally scheduled.  The employee's cooperation and assistance in performing such additional work is expected.