Chico State Enterprises

Separation of Employment

Supervisor Responsibilities

Submit the following documents to HR as soon as you receive a notice of resignation, but no later than five business days prior to the date of separation. If the employee resigns without providing advanced notice, send the documents to HR as soon as you are aware that the employee is not returning.  These timelines allow HR and Payroll adequate time to process the paperwork and pay in accordance with California Labor Code requirements.  Failure to submit the information to HR within the above specified time frame may result in penalties being assessed to the project per California Labor Code.

End of Project Work

If the employee will no longer work on a project or the project funding ends, the Supervisor must submit a PAF showing Separation of Employment along with all separation documents (as listed above) to CSE HR/Payroll as soon as the information becomes available.

Involuntary Separation

Supervisors must consult with CSE Human Resources if they are considering involuntary separation of employment.

Human Resources Responsibilities

If an employee remains active in the HR and Payroll system for a period greater than 12 months without receiving pay, their employment record will be terminated. This allows for the cyclical nature of grant and contract work while maintaining system access only for those who truly need it.

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