Chico State Enterprises

Student Employment

Effective 1/1/2023


Student employees are Temporary Employees currently enrolled and regularly attending classes at an institution of higher education. For the purposes of determining student status, during the academic year an undergraduate must be enrolled in a minimum of six units; a graduate student must be enrolled in a minimum of four units. Student positions are of limited duration and enrollment will be verified. Students are paid an hourly wage and can work no more than 20 hours per week during the semester and up to 40 hours per week during academic breaks.  The following are suggested rates of pay:

Student Assistant I - $15.50 - $15.65

Jobs which can be learned relatively quickly, do not entail a great amount of responsibility and do not require specific skills or education.  Tasks are of a routine nature requiring only a brief orientation.  May require light physical exertion.  Typical jobs include:  general clerks, beginning horticulture and nursery trainees, beginning groundskeepers, filing, ushering.

Student Assistant II - $15.75 - $15.90

Jobs require a higher level of skill and/or responsibility than Student Assistant I positions.  Tasks are still routine, but the assignments are more detailed with a greater degree of responsibility and independence. Jobs may require moderate to heavy physical exertion. Typical jobs include:  data entry, positions requiring word processing skills, accounting clerk, groundskeepers, laboratory aides, positions requiring moderate technical skills

Student Assistant III - $16.10 - $16.25

Jobs requiring the highest level of skill, technical knowledge and/or education and responsibility. Must have specific job-related experience, education or specialized skills. Positions will include administrative tasks that may require some interpretation, reasoning or judgment.  Work is varied.  Typical jobs may include supervisors of other students, research assistants, advanced word processing skills, unsupervised tutoring, computer operations. 

Special Assignments

Some positions funded under grants or contracts will require specialization and/or advanced technology skills.  Wages will be determined in consultation with the Project Director, and the CSE Human Resources office taking into consideration the surrounding work force and funding available in the grant or contract.