Chico State Enterprises

Object Codes

The object code list of Chico State Enterprises is its chart of accounts, intended to capture “natural” accounting classifications, such as salaries, telephone, and other operating expenses. Over our 20 years in IFAS, the object code list grew organically to over 30 pages! With the additional flexibility for reporting in ONESolution, great effort was undertaken to “clean-up” the object code list to approximately 3 pages, and to explore other opportunities to code information, such as the job ledger.

What Changed?

  • 4 digit code became 5 digit code
  • Object codes were re-ordered for ease of reporting
  • Where we used to have 10 "telephone" codes, we now have one telephone code
  • The Standard Object Code List is to be used for all projects NOT beginning with "SP" or "AG"

What if I have an "SP" project or an "AG" project?

Sponsored Programs (SP) and Agriculture/University Farm (AG) have specific reporting needs and the Standard Object Code List may not apply. Allowable object codes for SP projects are determined by the budget and the RESP analyst who sets up the reporting framework for each project. AG has its own specific object code list.


Standard Object Code List (PDF)

Need help coding your check requests or deposits? Check out the Standard Object Code List. Note that the converter on the website is intended to be used only as a tool to identify historical data. Current transactions should be coded from Level 1 on the published list which has been created to make things easier for you and improve reporting. If you have a project that begins with a number (i.e. not SP, AG or JL), your object codes now end in 0 as shown in the published list.

Frequently Asked Questions

The standard object code list doesn't have what I need. How can I use another code?

Please reach out to the CSE finance department. The interest of the Foundation is to enhance your reporting needs, not limit them. We will explore how to provide you the information you need.

The object code converter is converting to a code not on the standard object code list. Why is this?

All historical information from IFAS came into ONESolution in a one-to-one relationship for object codes. Historical data may be coded to object codes that are not on the Standard Object Code List. The converter is intended to help users understand how their historical data migrated from the old to the new system, but is not intended to be used moving forward.

I’ve been allowed to use codes other than those on the standard object code list recently. Why has that been allowed to happen and why can’t I just continue using the old object codes?

As we have transitioned to our new Standard Object Code List, our users and staff have been asked to be flexible and adaptive. Using the converted codes during that time allowed for as little workflow interruption as possible.

What is the job ledger and how can I use it?

The job ledger is a subledger to the financial general ledger in ONESolution. Using the job ledger can greatly enhance our abilities to code information and to produce meaningful reports. At the Foundation, we are asked to blend the information needs of units and departments that may be dramatically different with distinct business needs. The job ledger allows us to “split-off” significant areas of unique reporting. We have reached out to larger programs that we anticipated would gain value from the job ledger, if you feel this may benefit your area please reach out to the CSE finance department to explore your needs.