Chico State Enterprises

Project Codes

Over the 20 years of using IFAS and its data structure design, Chico State Enterprises began running out of project codes in certain ranges beginning in 2015. This challenge compelled CSE to design a project code format that could allow for growth, as well as better organization.


Old to New Range Summary (PDF) (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some projects begin with numbers and some with letters?

Projects that begin with letters are using the job-ledger functionality of ONESolution. The job-ledger allows for very flexible reporting, and Sponsored Programs (SP), the University Farm (AG), and the general job ledger (JL) have more specific reporting than projects beginning with numbers. Projects beginning with numbers are coded only to the general ledger (GL) level of the system.

What is the job ledger and how can I use it?

The job ledger is a subledger to the financial general ledger in ONESolution. Using the job ledger can greatly enhance our abilities to code information and to produce meaningful reports. The job ledger allows you to “split-off” significant areas of unique reporting. We have reached out to larger programs that we anticipated would gain value from the job ledger, if you feel this may benefit your area, please reach out to the CSE finance department to explore your needs.