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Policies, Procedures and Forms

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Policies, Procedures, and Forms
TitleDescriptionDepartmentLast Revised
2024 Benefits Guide (PDF)A guide to health plans for benefited employeesHuman Resources11/15/23
2024 Benefits Rates (PDF)Employee health benefits rate sheetHuman Resources11/15/23
2024 Travel Expense Claim - 01/01/24 or Later(opens in new window)To report travel expenses in 2024Accounts Payable12/21/23
Grant Writing - 1.1 Why write proposals and why contract through Chico State Enterprises? (PDF)Discusses the benefits of writing proposals and contracting through CSEGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 1.2 Working with CSE Development Staff (PDF)Describes the role of the CSE Development Specialist in the proposal processGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 1.3 Chico State Enterprises Other Services (PDF)Details other services CSE provides in addition to grant development and managementGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 1.4 Chico State Enterprises Guidelines for ICSUAM Requirements (PDF)Describes ICSUAM requirements in the context of grant managementGrant Development8/1/17
Grant Writing - 2.1 The Concept Paper (PDF)Explains the structure of the concept paper for a new projectGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 2.2 The Ten Commandments of Research Proposal Preparation (PDF)Tips for preparing to write a proposalGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 2.3 Writing the Proposal: A Proposal Writer's Guide (PDF)Lists guidelines for faculty and staff who have little experience writing proposalsGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 2.4 Writing the Need Statement (PDF)Discusses how to write the Need Statement for a proposalGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 2.5 Sample Letter of Intent (PDF)Sample of a letter of intentGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 2.6 How to Write a Losing Proposal (PDF)Describes things to avoid when writing a proposalGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 2.7 Reflecting on Grant-Seeking (PDF)Overview of the grant-seeking processGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 2.8 Learning from Failure: Resubmitting Your Rejected Proposal (PDF)Provides ways a rejected proposal can turn into a winning applicationGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 4.1 Concept Information for Funding Searches (PDF)Describes the information that is needed for a CSE development specialist to conduct a funding searchGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 4.3 Politics of Grant Getting (PDF)Discusses the politics in the grant-getting process  and tips for proposal writersGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 4.4 Foundations: How to Get Their $$$ in 7 Easy Steps (PDF)Lists seven steps for getting money from foundations for a grantGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 4.5 Eight Great Steps to Getting Corporate Support (PDF)Lists eight steps that help proposal writers get corporate supportGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 4.6 National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Criteria for Evaluating Applications (PDF)Criteria used for evaluating NEH grant applicationsGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 4.7 National Endowment of the Arts (NEA) "Tips" for Writing Successful Proposals (PDF)Tips for writing successful NEA ProposalsGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 4.8 Hints for Writing Successful National Institutes of Health (NIH) Grants (PDF)Helpful hints for writing successful NIH grantsGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 5.1 Commonly Needed Information for Grant Applications (PDF)Outlines commonly needed information for grant applicationsGrant DevelopmentN/A
Grant Writing - 5.2 Service Area Map (PDF)A map of the CSU, Chico service areaGrant DevelopmentN/A
Advance Policy (PDF)Policy outlining the process for receiving an advance on funds for a projectAccounts Payable6/18/13
Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) 2024-2025 Request for Proposals (PDF)Deadlines and requirements for ARI proposalsGrant Development10/20/23
Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) Policy and Procedure Manual (PDF)The policies and procedures for ARI projects/grantsGrant Development10/20/23
Budgeting Guidebook: Creating Auditable Budgets (PDF)Provides in-depth descriptions of various aspects of creating a budget for a projectGrant Development7/21/23
CA State Travel Rates Guidelines (PDF)Details CA State rates for meals and incidentals, lodging, and mileage reimbursementsAccounts Payable7/27/22
Campus Charge Authorization (CAF) Instructions (PDF)Describes the purpose of CAFs and how to fill out a CAFCampus Financial Services4/11/18
Cash Request Instructions (PDF)Instructions on how to fill out a cash requestAccounts ReceivableN/A
Check Request (PDF)A fillable form to request payments and reimbursementsAccounts Payable6/1/22
Check Request 2nd-Page for Additional Detail (PDF)A fillable 2nd-page form to request payments and reimbursementsAccounts Payable6/1/22
Code of Safe Practices (PDF)Outlines safety practices for CSE employeesHuman Resources2/21/22
Cost Share Policy (PDF)Provides guidelines in the proposing, expending, reporting, and documenting of cost sharing for sponsored projectsSponsored Programs 2/21/22
CSE Development/Grant Specialists (PDF)Lists the CSE development and grant specialists' assignmentsGrant DevelopmentN/A
CSU Chico EM 18-023:  Disclosing Conflicts of Interest(opens in new window)Executive Memorandum  Disclosing Potential and Actual Conflicts of Interest in Grants and Contracts with Nongovernmental and Certain Governmental FundersSponsored Programs8/13/18
Digital Signature Instructions for Contracts (PDF)Digital signature instructions for approving ContractsContractsN/A
Digital Signature Instructions for CSE Timesheets and Personnel Action Forms (PAF) (PDF)Digital signature instructions for certifying timesheets Payroll3/25/20
Distribution of Surplus Funds (PDF)A policy describing the criteria for distributing surplus fundsSponsored Programs6/18/13
Effort Reporting Policy (PDF)Policy on reporting effort expended on sponsored projects for CSESponsored Programs11/20/13
F&A Cost Rates Policy and Working with the University and Chico State Enterprises (PDF)Describes current F&A rates and CSE's role in helping the university manage grants and contractsSponsored Programs6/6/23
F&A Rates (PDF)Describes current F&A rates and fringe benefit rates for grants and contracts Finance & Accounting3/4/20
Foreign Travel Quick Check (PDF)Summary of foreign travel requests and ratesAccounts Payable9/19/13
Foreign Travel Request and Questionnaire(opens in new window)Form to request approval for foreign travel at least 45 days in advanceAccounts Payable6/21/23
Fringe Benefits Rates (PDF)Lists fringe benefits rates for budgeting on grants and contractsFinance & Accounting12/5/23
Honorarium Policy (PDF)Policy for determining when and how to issue honoraria to individualsAccounts Payable7/27/22
Hospitality Expense Policy (PDF)Policy outlining the process and payment of hospitality expensesAccounts Payable7/22/16
Incentive Expenditure Guidelines (PDF)Guidelines for the expenditure and appropriate usage of incentive fundsSponsored Programs3/4/14
Leaves of Absence Policy (PDF)Policy for leaves of absenceHuman Resources11/8/04
Management of Small Fixed Price Accounts (PDF)Policy for managing small fixed-price accounts with CSESponsored Programs8/1/10
Meal Break Policy (PDF)Describes when meals are required for a work shift and when they can be waivedHuman Resources6/25/19
MSI STEM Research and Development Consortium (PDF)MSI STEM FlyerGrant DevelopmentN/A
MTDC Budget Sample(opens in new window)An example of a budget with modified total direct costsSponsored ProgramsN/A
Non-Procurement Debarment and Suspension for Grants and Contracts (PDF)Policies and procedures regarding the 2003 Common Rule regulationsSponsored Programs4/1/07
Off-Campus F&A Policy (PDF)Policy on the application of the off-campus F&A rate to a projectSponsored Programs1/20/17
Overtime Policy (PDF)Policy for CSE employees defining overtime, eligibility, and the approval processHuman Resources9/1/16
PD Advisory Overview: Revised Foundation Travel Policy (PDF)Provides a list of updates made to CSE travel policies and forms after switching to GSA ratesAccounts PayableN/A
Petty Cash Policy (PDF)Policy detailing the process and procedures for petty cashAccounts Receivable6/18/13
Policy on Best Business Practices and Proper Stewardship of Funded Projects (PDF)Policy on best business practices
and proper stewardship of funded projects 
Sponsored Programs8/1/17
Policy on Principal Investigator's Duties and Responsibilities (PDF)Policy outlining the duties and responsibilities of Principal Investigators on sponsored projectsSponsored Programs1/1/22
Policy Regarding Timeliness of Deposits, Payment Requests, and Contracts (PDF)Policy regarding the timelines for processing deposits, payment requests, and contractsFinance & Accounting12/20/19
Procurement Card Policy (PDF)Policy for P-card use Procurement Services1/27/20
Procurement Policy and Guidelines

Currently under revision. Please see the Micro-Purchase Threshold (PDF) and Updates to Procurement Forms (PDF) announcements for guidance.  For additional guidance, please contact Vance Kelly at

Procurement Services
Prohibited Conduct Policy (PDF)Policy defining prohibited conduct for CSE employeesHuman Resources11/8/04
Project Cash Management and Loans Policy (PDF)Policy for how projects utilize General Fund cash and guidelines for addressing project overdrafts and loansSponsored Programs5/1/00
Property Policy (PDF)Policy for property acquired with CSE/UF fundsFinance & Accounting10/1/12
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (PDF)Purchase Order Terms and Conditions for contractorsProcurement Services7/1/09
Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training Plan (PDF)Describes CSE's plan to meet the Responsible Conduct of ResearchSponsored Programs4/1/10
Retroactive Pay Adjustments (PDF)Describes when retroactive pay adjustments are allowablePayrollN/A
Stipend Policy (PDF)Describes how and when to issue stipend payments to individualsAccounts Payable2/1/07
Sub-Recipient Monitoring Policy (PDF)Details the procedures for managing sub-awardsSponsored Programs1/7/13
Supervisor's Guide to Applicant Review and Selection (PDF)Provides guidelines for supervisors on how to review, interview, and select applicantsHuman Resources10/18/23
Supervisor's Guide to Performance Evaluations(opens in new window)Provides guidelines for supervisors on how to write and conduct performance evaluationsHuman Resources8/1/19
Supervisor's Guide to Safety in the Workplace (PDF)Provides guidelines for supervisors on how to ensure safety in the workplaceHuman ResourcesN/A
Transfer Policy (PDF)Policy for the preparation and processing of transfers for all CSE/UF accounts and sponsored projectsFinance & Accounting11/15/13
Travel Advance Request & Claim Preparation Instructions (PDF)Instructions on how to fill out a Travel Advance &/or Request and Travel ClaimAccounts Payable12/31/14
Travel FAQ (PDF)Lists frequently asked questions regarding travelAccounts PayableN/A
Travel Policy (PDF)Policy and procedures for traveling on CSE businessAccounts Payable3/26/19
Travel Procedures Flowchart (PDF)Travel and reimbursement proceduresAccounts PayableN/A
CA State Travel Rates Quick Check (PDF)A quick check of CA state rates that are used on state-funded grants and contractsAccounts Payable1/8/24
Vacation Policy (PDF)Policy outlining the eligibility, accrual, and usage of paid vacation Human Resources8/1/19
Vehicle Use Policy (PDF)Policy outlining the requirements for CSE employees who drive for CSE businessHuman ResourcesN/A
Volunteer Policy (PDF)Policy for determining if an individual is a volunteerHuman ResourcesN/A
Wireless Device Stipend FAQs (PDF)Lists frequently asked questions regarding wireless device stipendsHuman Resources12/5/17
Wireless Device Stipend Policy (PDF)Describe eligibility criteria for receiving a wireless device stipend and guidelines for usageHuman Resources12/1/17
700U Nongovernmental Entities (New/Renewal) (PDF)To disclose the personal financial interests of principal investigators and faculty for research projects sponsored by nongovernmental entitiesSponsored ProgramsN/A
Accident Investigation Report (PDF)Form to report an accident in the workplaceHuman ResourcesN/A
Acknowledgment of Mandated Reporter Status (PDF)Document to acknowledge responsibilities as a mandated reporterHuman ResourcesN/A
Administrative Data Form (PDF)For employees to provide or update their address, phone number, or other contact informationHuman Resources8/27/22
Authorization to Treat a Minor (PDF)Permits CSE to treat a minor while under the supervision of CSE programsHuman Resources02/27/23
Chico State Student Prize/Award Payment Form (PDF)To request award/prize payments in recognition of a charitable, scientific, educational, artistic, literacy, or civic achievement, or prizes from winning a contest, judged competition, or random drawing/raffle. Accounts Payable12/08/23
Termination Checklist (PDF)Used by supervisors upon separation or termination of an employeeHuman Resources6/14/23
Campus Program Authorization Form/Enterprise Account Request(opens in new window)To authorize the establishment of a campus program or enterprises (non-grant and contract) projectFinance & Accounting6/21/21
Procurement Card Request and Update Form (PDF)To request a procurement card or update an existing procurement cardProcurement ServicesN/A
CDC Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form(opens in new window)To disclose a conflict of interest with the CDCSponsored ProgramsN/A
Change in Relationship Notice (PDF)Notifies an employee of a change in the employment relationshipHuman Resources12/6/23
Vendor Selection/Competitive Bidding Form (for Purchases of $10,000 or More) (PDF)To document the bid process for purchases of $10,000 or moreProcurement Services10/3/22

2024 California State Rates (CSR) Travel Expense Claim  for travel between 01/01/24 or Later(opens in new window)

To document applicable CSR-related travel in 2024

Accounts Payable


2023 California State Rates (CSR) Travel Expense Claim for travel between 01/01/23 - 12/31/23(opens in new window)

To document applicable CSR-related travel in 2023

Accounts Payable


DE 4 Form (PDF)

To determine the amount of taxes to be withheld from employee wages to accurately reflect state tax withholding obligations



Deposit Slip (PDF)

Form to include with deposits

Accounts Receivable


DMV Authorization for Release of Driver Record (PDF)

To authorize DMV to release driver records to CSE

Human Resources


Donation Payment Form(opens in new window)

Use to request a donation payment

Accounts Payable


Electronic Fund Transfer Form (Direct Deposit) (PDF)

To begin, add, change, or cancel payroll direct deposits to employee bank accounts



Employee Complaint Form (PDF)

For employees to submit a formal complaint

Human Resources


Employee Counseling Notes Form(opens in new window)

For supervisors to document employee counseling

Human Resources


Enterprise Rental Vehicle Request Form (PDF)

To request a rental car

Procurement Services


FMLA CFRA Certification by Health Care Provider for Employee's Serious Health Condition (PDF)

To request leave due to a serious health condition

Human Resources


FMLA CFRA Certification by Health Care Provider for Family Member's Serious Health Condition (PDF)

To request leave to care for a family member with a serious health condition

Human Resources


Foreign National Tax Information Collection Form (PDF)To be completed by potential CSE employees who are not a citizen of the United StatesHuman Resources2/1/04
Funding Search Request(opens in new window)To request a funding search by a CSE development specialistGrant DevelopmentN/A
Honorarium Payment Form (PDF)To request an honorarium paymentAccounts Payable7/27/22
HRSA Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form - New(opens in new window)To disclose conflict of interest with the  Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)Sponsored ProgramsN/A
HRSA Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form - Renewal(opens in new window)To renew disclosure of a conflict of interest with the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)Sponsored ProgramsN/A
Incident Report Form (PDF)To report an incident in the workplace (also includes non-employees)Human ResourcesN/A
Invention Disclosure Form(opens in new window)To document and disclose an inventionSponsored ProgramsN/A
Invoice Request Form (PDF)To request an invoice for chargesAccounts Receivable6/20/23
Leave of Absence Request Form (PDF)To request a leave of absenceHuman ResourcesN/A
Leave Sharing Form (Donor)(opens in new window)To donate leave hours to another employeeHuman ResourcesN/A
Lost Receipt Notification (opens in new window)Complete when reporting a lost receipt for a business-related purchaseAccounts PayableN/A
Meal Break Waiver (PDF)To waive a meal break if working six hours or lessHuman Resources5/10/23
Meal Break Waiver 2nd Meal (PDF)To waive a 2nd meal break if working twelve hours or lessHuman Resources5/10/23
2023 Mileage Log for mileage between 01/01/23 - 12/31/23(opens in new window)To report auto mileage for 2023 Accounts Payable1/3/23
2024 Mileage Log for mileage between 01/01/24 or later(opens in new window)To report auto mileage for 2024Accounts Payable1/1/24
Multiple Travelers Claim(opens in new window)To document the travelers involved in a single travel claimAccounts Payable2/1/07
NIH Financial Interest Disclosure Form A(opens in new window)To disclose financial interest with NIHSponsored Programs11/1/16
NIH Financial Interest Disclosure Form B(opens in new window)To be completed if you answered "yes" to any question on NIH Financial Interest Disclosure Form ASponsored Programs11/1/16
Notice of Intent to Submit a Proposal (PDF)To be completed if intending to submit a proposalGrant DevelopmentN/A
NSF Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form(opens in new window)To disclose conflict of interest with the National Science Foundation (NSF)Sponsored ProgramsN/A
Payee Data Record Form (PDF)Required when the payment is tax reportable by CSE or The UFFinance & Accounting8/23/23
Performance Evaluation Form(opens in new window)Form for supervisors to write an employee's performance evaluationHuman ResourcesN/A
Performance Improvement Plan Form(opens in new window)For supervisors to document a plan for an employee's performance improvementHuman ResourcesN/A
Permission to Publish Photos(opens in new window)To provide approval to publish photos from CSE-related activitiesHuman ResourcesN/A
Personnel Action Form (PAF) (PDF)For supervisors to request a personnel action for an employeeHuman Resources9/28/23
Petty Cash Custodian Form (PDF)Form for low dollar reimbursement using petty cashAccounts Receivable4/1/13
PHS Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form(opens in new window)To disclose a conflict of interest with PHSSponsored ProgramN/A
Personal Physician Pre-Designation Form (PDF)To designate a physician to treat a workplace injury/illnessHuman Resources2/15/23
Position Description Template(opens in new window)To describe the essential job duties of a positionHuman Resources3/24/16
Position Hiring Memo (PDF)To indicate a candidate was hired for a positionHuman Resources7/26/23
Property Inventory Form (PIF) (PDF)Information on purchased items that will be tagged/tracked through PropertyAccounts Payable4/27/22
Purchase Order Request(opens in new window)Request approval to purchase goods or services totaling up to $10,000Procurement Services10/25/22
Request for Recruitment (PDF)To request to begin the recruitment process for a positionHuman Resources7/19/23
ONESolution Access Request Form (PDF)To request ONESolution accessFinance & AccountingN/A
Safety Hazard Report (PDF)To report a safety hazardHuman ResourcesN/A
Sole Source/Sole Brand Justification Form (PDF)To provide justification for using a single vendor for purchases of goods, materials, and services totaling $10,000 or moreProcurement Services5/2/23
State of California Workers' Compensation Claim Form (DWC 1) (PDF)To file a workers' compensation claimHuman Resources1/1/16
Stipend Payment Form for Non-Students(opens in new window)To request a stipend for non-students Accounts Payable2/22/18
Stipend Payment Form for Students(opens in new window)To request a stipend for studentsAccounts Payable2/22/18
Supervisor's Guide to Applicant Review and Selection (PDF)Guidance for supervisors on applicant review and selectionHuman Resources3/26/21
Supervisor's Guide to Performance Evaluations(opens in new window)Guidance for supervisors on how to conduct performance evaluationsHuman Resources4/1/03
Transfer Request Form (PDF)To transfer costs from one project to another project Finance & Accounting10/1/19
Travel Approval &/or Advance Request (PDF)To request approval for overnight travel and/or an advance for travel expensesAccounts Payable9/27/23
2023 Travel Expense Claim for Travel 01/01/23 or Later(opens in new window)To report travel expenses in 2023Accounts Payable1/3/23
Vehicle Use Certification (PDF)To certify that the CSE vehicle use policy will be adhered toHuman Resources2/1/20
Volunteer Information Form (PDF)To record volunteer informationHuman Resources1/22/21
Volunteer Time Record (PDF)To log individual volunteer hours in support of projectsHuman ResourcesN/A
W-4 Form (PDF)To withhold federal income tax from payHuman ResourcesN/A
W-9 Form (PDF)To obtain tax information for independent contractorsFinance & AccountingN/A
Waiver of Liability (PDF)To release CSE of liability for specific CSE-related activitiesHuman Resources7/17/23
Wireless Device Stipend Authorization Form (PDF)To request a stipend for a wireless deviceHuman Resources6/12/23
CSE Search Tools for Finding External Funding (PDF)External funding search toolsGrant DevelopmentN/A
Purchase Order Instructions (PDF)Instructions on how to complete a Purchase Order Request form  Procurement Services11/9/22
Cayuse - PI/PD Guidance (PDF)How to create and certify a proposal in CayuseGrant DevelopmentN/A
Cayuse - PI/PD Small Fixed Price Agreement Guidance (PDF)How to enter a Cayuse proposal recordGrant DevelopmentN/A
Cayuse - IPF Proposal Approval Guidance (PDF)How to review, reject, and track proposalsGrant DevelopmentN/A
Request for Quotation (RFQ)(opens in new window) To request a quote from a vendorProcurement ServicesN/A
Alcohol Policy(opens in new window)Policy regarding Alcohol Service at Special Events (EM 18-009)Accounts Payable5/10/18
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)(opens in new window)CSU, Chico Regulations on the Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)CSU, Chico Risk ManagementN/A
Patents - Implementation Guidelines(opens in new window)Patent guidelines, procedures, and definitionsSponsored ProgramsN/A
CSU Conflicts of Interest Policies and Programs(opens in new window)CSU conflict of interest policies, programs, and resourcesSponsored Programs11/15/16
700U Exempt Entities List(opens in new window)List of "Exempt Organizations" (Non-Governmental Entities whose Support Does Not Trigger a Requirement for a PI to File a 700-U Form)Sponsored ProgramsN/A
CSU, Chico EM 97-07: Intellectual Property and Copyright Policy(opens in new window)Executive Memorandum regarding the guidelines for intellectual property and copyrightSponsored Programs5/23/97
Sponsored Programs Administration - ICSUAM - Section 11100(opens in new window)The policies contained in ICSUAM Section 11000 serve as the fundamental system-wide requirements governing the California State University's (CSU) involvement with the solicitation, acceptance, and administration of awards from extramural sponsors for the conduct of research and scholarly activity, and other sponsored activities.Sponsored Programs9/8/20
Approval and Submission of Proposals and Acceptance of Awards Policy (PDF)Policy on approval and submission of proposals and acceptance of awardsSponsored Programs11/26/13
Sponsored Programs Best Business Practices Policy (PDF)Policy on best business practices and proper stewardship of funded projectsSponsored Programs8/1/17
Project Director Responsibilities Policy (PDF)Policy on Principal Investigators' (PI) duties and responsibilities on sponsored projectsSponsored Programs8/1/17
Host Family Pre-Payment Agreement(opens in new window)Pre-payment agreement for host families to provide meals and lodgingSponsored Programs1/1/07
Host Family Payment Agreement(opens in new window)Agreement for host families to provide meals and lodgingSponsored Programs1/1/07
CSE Employment Application (PDF)Complete and submit to apply for posted job opportunitiesHuman ResourcesN/A
Blue Shield Teladoc Flyer (PDF)Instructions for benefited employees regarding how to get started with TeledocHuman ResourcesN/A
Health Now Administrative Services (HNAS) Wellness Flyer (PDF)HNAS features and instructions on how to log onHuman ResourcesN/A
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Flyer (PDF)Employee assistance services and contact informationHuman Resources8/1/14
Roth 403(b) Employee Decision Guide (PDF)A decision guide for employees: Is a Roth 403(b) Right for You?Human Resources11/1/22
Due Dates and Pay Dates for Non-Benefited Employees - FY 23/24 (PDF)FY 23/24 timesheet and Personnel Action Form (PAF) due dates and pay dates - Non-Benefited EmployeesPayroll5/9/23
Due Dates and Pay Dates for Benefited Employees - FY 23/24 (PDF)FY 23/24 timesheet and Personnel Action Form (PAF) due dates and pay dates - Benefited EmployeesPayroll5/9/23
Charge Authorization Form (CAF) for Auxiliaries (PDF)CAF for auxiliary accountsCSU, Chico Financial Services4/1/20
Record of Discussion (PDF)Use to document verbal discussions with employeesHuman Resources1/20/23
Personnel Action Form (PAF) Page 2 (PDF)PAF second page for additional detailHuman Resources9/28/23
California Family Rights Act (PDF)California Family Rights Act brochureHuman Resources12/1/14
Employee Rights Under FMLA (PDF)Employee Rights Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)Human Resources4/1/16
Workers' Compensation Brochure (PDF)CSE Workers' Compensation brochureHuman Resources2/15/23

Employer's Report of Occupational Injury or Illness (Form 5020) (PDF)

Employer's Report of Occupational Injury of IllnessHuman Resources6/1/02
California SB 1159 Reporting for COVID-19 (PDF)Employees complete this form on the same day they test positive for COVID-19. This form collects all information required by SB 1159. Human ResourcesN/A
Safety Policy(opens in new window)Policy regarding safe working conditions and safety awarenessHuman ResourcesN/A
Chico State Emergency Preparedness(opens in new window)Resources on Chico State's Emergency PreparednessHuman ResourcesN/A
Heat Safety Tips (PDF)Tips on how to practice heat safetyHuman ResourcesN/A
Heat Stroke vs. Heat Exhaustion - English (PDF)Heat stroke vs. heat exhaustion flyer in EnglishHuman ResourcesN/A
Heat Stroke vs. Heat Exhaustion - Spanish (PDF)Heat stroke vs. heat exhaustion flyer in SpanishHuman ResourcesN/A
Injury, Illness, and Prevention Program (IIPP)(opens in new window)View the IIPP on the CSU, Chico websiteHuman ResourcesN/A
At-Will Employment Policy(opens in new window)Policy describing the at-will employment relationship between CSE and employees Human ResourcesN/A
Electronic/Use of Technology and the Internet Policy(opens in new window)Policy describing the use of CSE electronic and computing communications by CSE employeesHuman ResourcesN/A
Conflict of Interest Policy(opens in new window)Policy outlining actual or potential conflicts of interest for employeesHuman Resources N/A
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy(opens in new window)Policy defining CSE's rules for the use of drugs and alcohol while on duty, or on-site, at the workplaceHuman ResourcesN/A
Telecommuting Policy (PDF)Policy regarding telecommuting with CSEHuman Resources7/27/22
Telecommuting Request Form (TRF) (PDF)Form to request to telecommuteHuman Resources7/28/22
Employer Property Policy(opens in new window)Policy regarding the authorized use of CSE propertyHuman ResourcesN/A
Intellectual Property Policy(opens in new window)Policy regarding intellectual property relating to the business of CSEHuman ResourcesN/A
Live Scan Policy(opens in new window)Policy regarding CSE's requirement for some positions to receive clear background checks based on criminal record information received by the Department of Justice Human ResourcesN/A
Performance Evaluations Policy(opens in new window)Policy and requirements for employee performance evaluationsHuman ResourcesN/A
Leave Sharing Form - Recipient(opens in new window)Leave sharing form for recipientsHuman ResourcesN/A
Confidentiality Policy(opens in new window)Policy regarding safeguarding confidential information obtained in connection with employmentHuman ResourcesN/A
Unlawful Harassment Policy (PDF)Policy defining unlawful harassment in the workplace and CSE's commitment to providing a work environment free of harassmentHuman Resources10/30/23
Rules for Providing Payments to Students(opens in new window)Joint Memorandum with Financial Aid and Scholarship Office outlining the rules for student payments.Accounts Payable3/24/24