California State University Employees Union

Staff Equity and Advocacy Committee

Membership of the CSUEU subcommittee on staff advocacy and equity, which we are calling SEAC: the Staff Equity and Advocacy Committee, hopes to improve the visibility of staff in the Administrative Support Series (ASCs and ASAs).  We are going to start small, and initially examine the academic ASC positions because this subset of the classification series does the work we’re most familiar with.  Once we have our process for identifying issues, gathering and analyzing data, and developing recommendations, we expect to expand our work to include all staff classified as ASA or ASC on our campus. 

SEAC hopes to: 

  1. Identify equity issues; 
  2. Analyze existing review processes, excluding performance evaluations; 
  3. Recommend improvements to the position classification process, the in-range progression process, and the reclassification process. 
  4. Improve and expand campus representation for classified BU7 staff 

To achieve those goals, we intend to improve advocacy and equity for staff: 

    • We want staff advocacy and support on campus, on par with what faculty have. 
    • We want a clearer path for advancement, including other job opportunities and pay increases. 
    • We want a rubric for the Administrative Support classification standards that clearly differentiates levels of responsibility. 
    • We want consistent position descriptions (PDs) for academic ASCs (to start). 

Current members are: 

Ann Wilson (CSUEU BU7 rep, MADT) 

Jennifer Aceves (CSUEU Organizing Chair, REGS/APSS) 

Summer Armstrong (ARTS) 

Sharon DeMeyer (ENGL) 

Edmee Mohnike (MCGS) 

Kathy Vargas (EECE)

Nicole Romain (PHHA)

Tami Adams (ALM)

Laurie Hansen (KINE)

Shannon Grubert (SWRK)

Jana McQueen (EDUC)

Margaret Stoner (CSCI)